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It is our god given right to purchase as one pleases,

  unless that product causes harm to the environment or the people inhabiting it. Restricting violent video games from the public, would more than certainly cause mass controversy. We buy game consoles so that we can play a variety of games, taking violence out of them will eliminate at least half of the variety. Games like Modern Warfare, Street Fighter, and even the preferred classic; Mario will be gone, given the fact that there is violence included. Violent or not, we deserve to play as we choose, and nobody should have the right to rob us of that.
Anonymous says2013-03-04T12:37:39.870
but should they even be created for you to buy?
and mario type games would not be banned
jake9710 says2013-04-11T14:20:28.600
Games like Call of Duty don't support violence in reality. If the kids do violent things in reality, it would be the parents fault, not the child's.
Anonymous says2013-04-23T18:31:39.117
Jake9710 your a boy you wouldnt understand us girls and parents have figured out that this is mucked up but boys dont understand that it silly!
samsawyer23 says2014-03-11T00:52:38.260
I'm a girl and I play those types of games. Also it is the parents fault because they have the power to turn the device or television and tell the kid to read a book or go outside.
tomdonovan22 says2014-05-16T08:31:44.427
The dood that had a go at Jake9710: get of this site it is making you mental too. REALLY people, why are we worrying about violent games when idiots like this person are running around?
ElijahSmarts says2015-11-05T15:24:51.287
@Anonymous it's *you're*. You can't be parent if you can't even spell, you you're a parent then i feel bad for you and your children.... We are smart enough to see the difference between video games and real life. If you cannot then you're a sad human being. You should pay more attention you your children then on a website, your opinion won't matter in the end. Violent video games will never be banned due to the pro it has over the cons.
TheGoldenYoshi says2016-02-02T17:22:51.633
This is a very good point, and is not like some of the parent rage on this page that people have spewed of their butts. We will be using this in our debate if you don't mind.
lolipoop says2020-02-07T07:21:22.497
But some video games are not violent
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