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Banning Violent Video Games Would Be Pointless

  I am an eighteen year old male who has played Call of Duty and other shooters since I was fourteen years old. I have never once truly wanted to head out and legitimately kill someone. Parents should understand that if they want to keep their kids from being exposed to violent video games, then they should be the ones to bar them from playing it. My god it is as simple as this, don't let them play it. It's their job too make sure they have control of what their kids can and can't watch. It seems that today parents have forgotten how to be the ones to actually parent their kid and rely on the government to do that job for you. The government's job isn't to raise your children. It's the parents' job. If that bill gets passed, numerous numbers of responsible and healthy people who play violent video games for fun and are perfectly sane people will be completely thrown to the curb. Parents need to be the ones to take charge, not the government. We already have the ESRB rating system out for a reason.
Anonymous says2013-04-24T15:53:41.157
You're right. It's the parents job to take care of their child. Not the government. Otherwise, the child has pretty poor parents.
Anonymous says2013-05-11T08:52:12.233
It's not the mature people who can handle themselves who need to restricted. It is the kids who are wrongly influenced from a young age, so violence is all that they know.
nommy231 says2014-02-28T18:42:16.267
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nommy231 says2014-02-28T18:56:30.353
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nommy231 says2014-03-04T18:48:44.893
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yusra.khan21 says2014-07-11T04:28:58.777
Ok ur talkin about the parents and the kid but what about the addictive parts of the game the try to control ur mind even as an adult?!?
ROCKSTARR says2015-03-15T10:44:58
An adult mind would be developed enough for them to make the right decision
JImmyStar says2015-03-18T20:26:31.197
This is 100% correct. Not all parents have the smartness to make the right decision. Ive played violent video games my whole life. Nothing is wrong with them.
pinkb33sT says2015-11-18T00:06:14.483
Yes this is completely true i was born in '01 11 days before the attack and i grew up with these violent video games like grand theft auto and call of duty I have thought about killing someone in the heat of the moment but after a while like 5 minutes later i get over whatever they did it is never a good idea to kill someone ever!!! And yes I do think that some parents are lazy bastards and don't care what their children watch or play
RDW123 says2016-03-01T17:52:29.127
Ya man i been playin since i 8 and i 14
Foxtrot4504 says2017-09-20T19:51:17.410
Amen brotha! PREACH!
OrE says2018-01-12T20:43:46.017
Finally, someone smart amidst the fog of retards.
1BigShaq1 says2018-02-07T14:15:36.430
Look at your head
yeah i know its square
but what else can you say
you can never be bae
1BigShaq1 says2018-02-07T14:20:51.207
Hello my name is mr birdie the head of handsworth grammar school i under stand but the video games should be banned in certain regions for cetain ages fuck my life i hate my job leave me alone you pricks
Debatemaster57 says2018-08-15T05:13:11.627
Parents need to be the ones to take charge, Not the government. We already have the ESRB rating system out for a reason.
DjDeath156 says2019-06-10T09:22:15.063
Hey has anyone realised that on the yes side all they say is that violent video games are bad because some children started to rage and hit people while on our side the no side we are actually making sound and smart statements and also speaking the truth also we have a lot more votes than them
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