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Yes I do think violent games should be banned.

   The reason why I say that violent video games should be banned is because they are meant for adults, not children. It is impossible for the game creators to enforce their M rated games just like "PORN". I have witnessed children playing children's games one second, and ending up on a porn site with a few clicks on the mouse. So the argument of "it needs to be held up like porn" is out of the question. In today's society, adults are too busy doing their own things and don't have the time to monitor their children, leaving them to develop on their own. Youtube has plenty of examples of children raging which does affect them. My nephew, for example, lived with his mother in the city. Away from any relatives who could take care of him. His mother would work long hours and wasn't there most of the time. The babysitter she had wasn't there to develop the child like a parent would have. My nephew, feeling alone would turn to his attention to fighting games to pass the time. My brother finally got custody of him after a few years. He was different from the other children. I, his own uncle would try to talk with him. He would shy away and make creature noises from the games he had been playing, how odd is that. In school he would hit other children, and when he was asked why he did it, his response was, "he was bothering me". Nobody taught him to react that way. It took a few years to break him out of that mentality. He's fine now and is also a very good hockey player, now put that in your so called government studies. Ban away.
Anonymous says2013-04-30T18:11:26.877
That's just bad parenting, of course that would happen if you played it 24/7. But banning isn't nessisary.
schuluka997 says2013-05-07T16:55:28.797
His shy awkwardness comes from the fact that he had no real parent figure in his life for such a long time. Not because he played fighting games
Anonymous says2013-05-13T01:29:59.777
There is REAL violence hocky
Anonymous says2013-05-14T18:43:12.010
Hey smart one that was bad parenting not bad games
Dynamite4477 says2013-05-22T19:05:48.277
This comment actually made me laugh. Your using one example of YOUR kid instead of using ACTUAL STATISTICS and STUDIES. Do some actual RESEARCH next time before you post something as dumb as this comment.
Manegarda says2014-01-28T02:54:04.057
^ And where do "actual statistics" and "studies" come from ? Oh wait they are real examples. Yes I do believe that there was a lack of parenting, but bad parenting has nothing to do with the fact that the video games changed his character in regards to how he was imitating the game. This only compounds the argument that the violent video games played a key role in who this young man is and what he became characteristically speaking growing up.. Think about it, parents are not around so the boy turns to violent video games through some of the most important developmental years of his life, its very easy to see this boy role modeling from this game and applying things he sees in game to his own behavior, this is proven by the fact that he makes the creature sounds, so whats to stop him imitating some of the more violent features of the game ?
BasicLogic says2014-03-31T07:05:06.977
Honestly, that was bad parenting. The parents were never around to teach him responsibility. I think the people who gave birth to you, cared for you (Or lack thereof), and does a lot for you should have more impact then pixels. Also, everything around you affects you. Why waste money and time on combating violence through stopping drugs, gangs, bullying, child abuse, poverty, starvation, desperation, poor mental health, hate, racism, fights, and depression when you can blame pixels for all violence and spend tons of money and time on saying that video games make you violent! Kids will always reflect their surroundings. It is also possible that they can imitate books and movies to, HMMMMM. Yet, no one says they cause violence
tomdonovan22 says2014-05-16T08:33:03.097
BasicLogic I agree with you. HEY, everyone, change your name to BasicLogic and maybe you'll become smart like him.
XxX_SNIPRxLO3Dx420_XxX says2015-03-13T16:11:03.073
You sir/ ma'am are incorrect. The children do not play these games for the violence they do it for the excitement and emotion in the games, even if this means a little gore or sexual references. Kids do not play these games because they have bad parents, but simply because they have fun and love what they are doing. These kids don't play the game so that they know how to handle a gun in real life, or because they want to learn how to drive a car, they do it to get away from the life they are living, good or bad. They do this because no matter how old you are it is fun to pretend and be someone your not for a change, and matter in a different world. And if you are worried about the children watching pornographic material, there are a few things you should know. First of all, ALL children watch pornographic material! It is normal! If your child is younger than ten, maybe you should give them the talk if you haven already, but it is pretty hard for a kid to get their hands on pornographic games. All in all the reason these kids play these games is to feel bigger about themselves or just to have fun. Whats so wrong with that?
DEAMEATER says2015-05-29T17:10:12.803
Its not his fault the he had no one to talk to because his parents didn't care to much to talk top there there son so he turned to games because he felt alone that's what most kids do because they have nothing better to do. And porn its not like it the worst thing in the world its not like your going to keep him from finding out what it is.
Andrew5545 says2015-09-24T00:09:54.423
Hello the problem is whos buying if you have an ignorant mother that buys A M rated game (M = mature) and when the guy ask you sure you want to buy this for you kid and she says yes whatever whos fault is it? The games or parents?
Mr.weirdgamer says2016-02-10T16:35:53.087
I never when on a porn site because of rated m games
Mr.weirdgamer says2016-02-18T19:25:11.867
Hello there. Who ever posted this is completely wrong it depends on who it is. One. These games are not meant for kids! I know that because I play fallout and I am 12! I don't go around punching people, or think that I should go kill people or anything like that! A gamer who plays these kinds of games might accidentally run a animal over and will be haunted over it. Also the thing is I also hate killing! But in video games I know it is not real. And another thing is how the heck did PORN get in here?
GamingPotato says2017-01-02T07:33:58.950
This is just the result of bad parenting. A kid has no social interaction, and all he does is play fighting games. Of course, with no one to teach him he is going to turn out weird. It's not the games fault he's anti-social.
AppleTY says2017-05-16T16:44:58.333
What im getting the people who voted yes are idiots because adults also get influenced from movies too search it up mates you will find 10 people that killed because of movies on mathew sontoro idk his name well lol
Foxtrot4504 says2017-09-20T19:52:45.503
Hey man, you know porn is under the A rating, right? Or do you not know what your talking about?
Slashin says2017-12-01T16:37:18.620
Everyone Back up this is level 9 retarted mother.
FluffyRock says2018-05-21T00:36:16.077
I respect your opinion , but from your story all I get is that the child became violent because of bad parenting, millions of people play violent video games yet we don’t see them making “creature noises”, this young boy was affected because of other conditions in his life that contributed to his violent behavior.
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