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Violent video games are teaching are kids to be violent.

  It is a known fact that we learn by repetition. By allowing children to play violent video games it starts to desensitize them at an early age to the effects of violence. These games were originally designed for military training to help soldiers overcome their hesitancy in shooting the enemy.
Anonymous says2013-03-22T12:40:39.177
Yes we learn by repetition, However it has been proven that video games have no link to violent behavior. It fantasy not reality. Parenting needs to improve. Asking the government to restrict our freedoms is NEVER a good idea.
Anonymous says2013-03-23T14:03:26.457
repetition of the parents not others. it suppose to be the value of the parents that show to the children what is good and what is bad.the video games will teach our children what is good and what is bad. only the parents can teach them that, if you don't show that to them, your a bad parent.
Anonymous says2013-04-11T05:13:31.227
No idiot lol its for entertainment
Anonymous says2013-04-23T18:27:54.583
Well entertainment isnt meant to violent and mucking kids up and by the way i am a early teen
Anonymous says2013-04-26T16:46:36.647
You used the wrong "our"
Anonymous says2013-05-13T01:33:59.733
I heard the same crap when I was in the second grade. Because liberals blamed gijoe toys for vilolence around the world. How about bringing back 2 parent households.
Anonymous says2013-05-15T16:06:41.597
Oh yeah like the world is like candy land? Theres always going to be violence why should video games be any diffrent?
Dynamite4477 says2013-05-22T18:57:54.130
Its also a well known fact that as the sales of violent video games go up... The number of shootings go down...
Anonymous says2013-06-06T10:50:17.710
I'm only gonna say this, They have ratings on the box, Don't like it? Don't let your children play it.
Anonymous says2013-06-20T19:13:08.993
That is not true, violent video games were meant for teens dealing with anger issues, so they could take it out on the characters in the game instead of in real life.
Dave_B31 says2014-01-09T03:19:11.383
Some seriously idiotic arguments being made on this side...Probably by some of the same people who aren't aware the sun is a star...
Rahsmoove says2014-01-09T16:22:33.090
All I hear about how the army has simulator suits, that are just like video games.
This is so inaccurate:
a. These simulation suits are for ACTUALLY training soldiers how to kill with combat, shooting techniques. With video games you, just move your thumbs.
B. These simulation test don't affect soldiers, and soldiers before they're enrolled in the army, they get a mental checkup.
C. Some games nowadays do require movement, but does:
MMA training make me a MMA fighter?
Does Black tail make me a soldier?
Does NFL 25 make me a football player?
Does Kinect adventure make me a great sports man?
No right, so how does GTA 5 make me a killer?

Your argument is flawed.
BasicLogic says2014-03-22T18:40:40.060
My hand just went through my face
BobisAwesome says2014-04-28T18:38:49.800
Violent video games are so the best killing people and SO MUCH DEATH

EvilPikachuover9000 says2014-06-15T16:08:48.093
No, Violent video games do not create the problem, Parents do!
Parents buys the games, they ignore the age ratings provided and give them to the children, so don't use the games as an excuse.
If it were alcohol or Pornographic material, you would probably have a different view , you hypocrite.
Badweather626 says2014-11-07T01:59:42.663
BobisAwesome... Try experiencing death
pretty sure it isnt fun (depending on how you die)
Merlin101 says2014-11-25T22:24:37.213
If these games are for the military then why do you get them for your kids you supply them with these games if your kid can't handle game don't get it
Talkingbacon says2015-09-03T17:35:39.477
At the end of the day banning violent video games would not have as many positives as their is negatives, most games these days are violent and if we banned them how many different developers would go out of business and 10,000's of jobs would be lost
ElijahSmarts says2015-11-05T14:55:42.150
The majority of the non-sense that you just said isn't true in the slightest. Violent video games have a rating for a reason. If you are a parent then you should rethink your parenting skills and take the responsibility to put limits to your child's gaming. Honestly, people like you need to play video games first in order to understand....
TWINZZ says2015-12-06T07:54:15.197
Don't think they will ever be banned but some of the commercials on tv seem very violent and seem to encourage violence .Even tho ment for entertainment I believe there are people in this world the would take it to a real level and seeing whats going into todays world it may be a reason all this tradgedy . A first step to this is BANNING ALL COMMERCIALS ON TV LIKE WHAT WAS DONE YEARS AGO WITH CIGERETTE ADDS. Second parents have to monitor and control what there children are doing.
sidthekidisawesome says2015-12-14T19:03:38.493
Hi i like you
IronSpid3r says2016-01-25T21:26:14.590
These games can still be used for training and preparing for war if kids decide to go down those paths.
Xx_SwegLord420_xX says2016-02-04T17:03:49.630
Listen there is a study that says that violent video games did not change the children's behavior
shortew0929 says2016-03-08T15:46:20.813
Dis nigga Dumb
Rocking101forever says2016-03-09T02:09:38.657
This person is right
ForeignRanter says2016-07-02T02:23:46.173
Violent video games may alter the way kids feel and their own personalities from spending too much time near a screen, but that's the side effect of all types of video games, violent or not. That also is the side effect of watching too many pointless youtube videos.
unkowngamer says2016-12-05T17:18:49.387
No they are not they are designed for people to have fun with others. Plus if it was meant for military training then they wouldn't allow anyone to play them unless they go into the the army or military. Also its up to the parent if they want their child to play those types of games no the government.
DisposedZero897 says2017-02-14T22:13:25.747
Dude this person is so uneducated and misinformed. There are literally no definitively proven links between violence in real life (school shootings, etc) and violent video games like Halo or Battlefield or Doom. This person should research into all the factors that make young people violent instead of simply blaming it on video games just because video games are usually violent in some way.
smiley12 says2017-09-11T08:27:24.377
There a idiot
Slashin says2017-12-01T16:47:47.040
Did really just say ¨These games were originally designed for military training to help soldiers overcome their hesitancy in shooting the enemy.¨ these games werent ment for soldiers in training. That why they train them the real life game of call of duty.
ImDebatable says2017-12-28T11:44:01.857
1. No, video games do not alter the medial lateral orbitofrontal cortex.
2. Video games are made for the enjoyment of people, whether it be the fast paced action, or the strategy involved in them. Please, stop talking out of your a s s when making these statements.
Ulisse54 says2018-03-04T07:50:00.690
You have been educated in some village in the middle of africa.
junho7420 says2018-06-07T11:35:33.930
Do you have proof that it is the violent video games fault
Knight_Dragon says2020-01-18T04:22:36.937
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