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No, It's Utterly Rubbish and Nonsense

  I love violent video games so much. These games bring so many benefits to the US economy. As we know, the US economy is falling dramatically. These violent video games are the only hope to maintains its economy and even increase it. Why should it be banned? I really don't understand. These games never bring bad to our life. I think that parents should be blamed for these controversy issues. Many people considered parents as 'old school'. Since they were born before violent video games, then they should shut their mouth and see the benefits of these video games. Needs more common sense.
Anonymous says2013-03-12T14:08:12.600
You shouldn't play violent games because it messes up your brain and you should not be influenced by this.
Anonymous says2013-05-01T22:57:16.640
Its kinda like saying "We should sell more tobacco because more ppl are buying it". More people will get sick and more medical attention will be needed in the future. In the same way, video games mess up your brain and you are less likely to do things like effectively find resolutions in real life (violence is ONLY a last result for a resolution).

Also, all of the people that I have talked to who are hardcore video gamers are either high school dropouts or they dont have a vision in life. Of course I haven't spoken to everyone on the planet, but I cant help but notice that most hardcore players are in lower classes and educational levels than people who do not play video games as much. Think of how this affects the society. If we have more smarter people in our society, then the result is a smarter society. This could mean less poor decisions that lead to better economy, generally speaking.

And speaking about parents, THEY WERE BORN BEFORE YOU!! THEY KNOW MOOOORREEE THAN YOU. How dare you put down the people WHO GAVE YOU LIFE!!! YOU should RESPECT THEM. Just because they have not lived in this "video game era" does not by any means mean that they have no idea of what poor decisions are and what they could lead to. Maybe this younger generation is "Smarter", but definitely NOT "Wiser".
There is a saying I have heard in russia: if a smart person falls into a hole in the ground, he will be able to get out; while a wise person will know how to avoid the hole in the first place.
A smart person will be able to figure out how to get out of the trouble he or she is in, but the wise person will be able to see the problems coming before they come and prepare for them.

I think that video games are one of the many things that are breaking down our social lives in the community and our relationship with God. Yes GOD. In fact video games are a form of a GOD to us. You cant touch it or you will be horribly ridiculed by the society.
Anonymous says2013-05-11T17:27:34.513
Sorry but videogames is the only hope for the U.S. Economy? Haha
Dynamite4477 says2013-05-22T19:03:26.193
Sorry anonymous but your very wrong.... Especially on the parent respect thing... Sure they are your parents and you should respect them, but they need to be deserving of that respect. Just because you have lived longer doesnt mean that you know more, about anything. You seek knowledge, knowledge doesnt come to you. If parents were smarter then there wouldnt be as many living in poverty.

Video Games also do not break social lives, they create environments in which you can meet more people, fom around the world. Also, religion and gaming are to different things so please dont bring your religion into your bias, Man created God as a way to explain what man couldnt comprehend.
Anonymous says2013-05-30T03:24:59.523
I am ageist ban of video games, but there is some messed up people that are already violent and those games can only make it worse. And the economy will do fine without gaming (sadly) but i am still on the no side for there is more people who do not have mental problems
Quan says2013-06-06T15:29:57.347
I wouldn't go so far as to say that video games are the only hope for the economy. But with the primary cause of violent crime being poverty, any blow to the economy, no matter how insignifcant, is a step in the wrong direction. And this is a worldwide, multi-billion dollar industry we're talking about.
Anonymous says2013-07-22T14:26:46.407
How can u tell that these help in the u s economy if most of the games are banned even before their release
jasonkushner9 says2013-12-13T18:40:39.067
Violent video games offer no benefit to society. Kids should not play violent video games.It is barbaric for kids to play m rated or violent video games. You are a sick freak.

95 percent of americans don't want children play violent video games. I know this as a fact. Violent video games are stupid.
Dave_B31 says2014-01-09T03:13:39.480
@jasonkushner9 - no they probaby shouldn't.

"95 percent of americans don't want children play violent video games. I know this as a fact. Violent video games are stupid." - Pulling statistics out of your ass to bolster the validity of your argument and likewise resorting to ad hominem tactics by calling people 'sick freaks?' Wow. I am totally and utterly blown away by such a compelling and coherent argument....I'm being sarcastic, of course.
Freelancer400 says2014-04-05T17:03:33.133
@jasonkushner9- OP never said anything about letting children play violent games.
Ericliu0409 says2014-06-10T03:48:09.203
So WHAT if you banned video games government, we'll first you will have Microsoft and Sony chewing your ass away, and you will lose the 20 billion dollars in renevue video games give you, it's your choice but the answer is obvious.
Xx_SwegLord420_xX says2016-02-04T17:02:04.473
I like the parents part of the speech
Xx_SwegLord420_xX says2016-02-04T17:02:17.077
I like the parents part of the form
TheGoldenYoshi says2016-02-04T17:02:47.260
G8 deb8 m8 I r8 8/8
BrMa says2016-03-01T10:27:54.457
What do you mean i don't understand why they should be banned!?!?!?!?! Has it not occur to you that violent video games may influence children to do bad things, not all parents have time to tend to this, and even if they were able to tend to this how on earth are able to even get the knowledge learned from the video games out of the child's head!!!! The child may also feel the need for revenge to the parent and once you mix the revenge and the corrupt knowledge from the video games that may lead to a serious distance among the child and parents or even worse someone might get hurt!!!
RepublicanForLIfe says2016-10-18T16:01:43.690
How on earth do violent video games help the economy and increase it? Wow. There is no overall good benefit from these games. On guy played so many violent video games, that he wanted it to be more realistic, AKA real life. Why should I be confined to the fun on a screen? Wouldn't it be more fun to do it in 3D? So he goes out, dresses as the joker and shoots people in a theatre. Violent Video Games Cause Damage!
GamingPotato says2017-01-02T07:45:15.920
@BrMa You act like the child has access to violent video games without their parents knowing. It is the parent who is charge of their child and what they learn, and if they are playing a violent game and they learned "I should go shoot people", then it's because the parents let them and then used the game as a baby sitter.
evil-overlord says2018-09-05T03:18:45.463
Oops. . .
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