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  Banning video games would frustrate a lot of people. No one should even let young kids play them. In some states, they only let 18+ but them. Because that's who they're for. I wouldn't mind if the government did that, but a full ban? That's the stupidest thing ever. Banning video games is like banning awesome books. They're for entertainment. The only good reason they have for banning the video games is the MENTAL going around killing people. Studies show people with Aspergers have a fascination for a certain thing they enjoy, including video games.
Anonymous says2013-03-04T12:39:16.253
the video games cause the "MENTAL" you referred to...
Anonymous says2013-03-07T16:09:24.433
or maybe it could be brutal punishment from parents or being bullied by bigger kids that causes it.
Anonymous says2013-05-24T21:32:08.457
I agree, violent video games shouldnt be band unless you want a world full of rebells
Anonymous says2013-06-06T01:03:27.500
Yes people with Aspergers do have facinations with particular subjects, however i have Asperges and the fact that this in the argument does insult me, i still resist the ban against video games but Asperges does not have a part in this
stephannoi says2015-06-20T22:54:55.637
I think those who think violent video game should be banned is really selfish.If you don't like violent games then don't buy it.
stephannoi says2015-06-20T22:57:07.840
But don't just destroy happiness of some people.There are also many people who love violent games and a ban of violent games would be very unfair for them as well as for the economy.
lily2804 says2018-04-05T15:47:05.340
In my opinion, violent games should be banned . Why ? Because I've seen a child in my school. He is in grade 5 and he is addicted to violent video game. So for the first quarter, he has skipped most of the class to stay at home and playing video games. However, whenever he goes to school, he starts to act as a boss and starts to bully other students.
BTW :taybay39
I've understood your argument. However, the topic that we're arguing is not banning video games. When people reading your comments and trying to stay in your aspect, it seems like you're referring to all types of video games, but the main topic that we're debate is banning video games not all types of video games.
PS : Sorry for my bad English Grammar! In addition, that is just my opinion!
iiMize says2019-11-01T05:01:16.037
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