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Video Games should not be banned.

  Instead of blaming your child's violence on video games, blame it on your parenting. YOU are the ones who are buying them their games in the first place! Can't you watch what they are playing, and stop them from playing those games?! What those psychopaths do aren't a result of the videos games, but of the person itself. It all depends on who the person IS, rather than what the game is. Billions of people on earth play video games, and does that mean they're all psychopaths? NO! IT DEPENDS ON WHO THE PERSON PLAYING IS!
Anonymous says2013-09-23T00:54:41.683
What if your own child, brother, sister, father, uncle, or best friend was addicted to violent video games. What would you do?
Anonymous says2013-09-23T01:15:03.337
There are many parents out there who never bought a single one of these games for their children; yet their children access them somehow. Not all parents are created equal. Not all parents can be blamed.
CivilRightOverSports says2015-02-04T19:02:08.660
Good point
kthomps says2015-05-17T21:44:56.780
If you trip over a box in a store you can sue the store. Why? Because they were being neglagent. No matter what the scenario is parents can still be blamed.
Mr.weirdgamer says2016-02-18T19:14:15.917
I totally agree with this guy
Ulisse54 says2016-11-11T09:53:06.243
Oh! OHH! FInally not a fucktard between all those fags around the internet!
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