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What a Joke!!!

  I have never in my life met anyone who has been influenced by video games and especially imposing violence. I would rather my kids stay at home and play video games, then going outside and getting themselves into real danger, that is influenced by other PEOPLE. The focus these days is narrowed down to something as ridiculous as this
Anonymous says2013-09-23T00:38:48.183
You're lucky you haven't met anyone influenced by violent video games or those who have become addicted to them - violent or not to the point of sacrificing their very lives. Yet, time is not always the same. One day, you may be one of those who have.
outragedmother says2013-11-10T04:43:58.520
So you must know lots of people to even put this as a comment…..The question here is violent video games not video games in general...
secret6timb1 says2014-03-16T13:57:38.033
The same would happen for violent video games, Half of video games are violent, Probably even more. You want to stop the violence then just stop your kids from playing violent video games. Idiots these days
Prisoner975 says2014-12-02T04:40:05.513
What video game was Hitler playing?
minibiz says2015-10-09T17:56:20.973
exactly, none if parents think videos games cause their kids do be violent then dont let them people will be violent either way
sidthekidisawesome says2015-12-14T19:02:56.763
Yeah you right man this is a joke
smiley12 says2017-09-11T08:51:40.017
Hitler was playing ww2
MrBozo says2018-02-14T01:10:47.373
[Rim shot]
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