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They should be banned as soon as possible!

  I strongly believe violent video games should be banned from Earth for various reasons: first, because there is no way to actually prevent a kid from playing with them; even if in some Countries only legal-aged people can BUY a 18+ game, there is no telling if they want to play it on their own, or to give that game in the future to a kid. Second, a game is something that should teach our kids to socialize and use their brain, combining education with enjoyment... Not instigate them to war. How can war, that is the most irrational and brutal deed humans can do (I'm not trying to be moralist, I'm just saying what I think), be educational or even less FUN?!? If people find war entertaining, they should have some medical visits, perhaps from a psychologist. Third, we humans have lived AGES without consoles and video games in general, and still our parents and relatives lived happily, finding entertaining even the smallest things in life; with this I'm not saying we should avoid consoles AT ALL, but simply reconsider the role video games are assuming in our daily life, especially violent ones that, I repeat, have absolutely NOTHING cultural in them. Fourth, it's very rare that violent games do not have subliminal messages in them, and that's proved by the fact that the younger a person starts playing with such games, the more they become violent in the future years (not to talk about other elements that are often included, such as sex and drugs). Fifth, it's a matter of fact that such "games" provoke addition, and if a guy plays with them for various hours, they tend to develop high doses of adrenaline, which causes stress, lack of appetite, insomnia, crustiness and, in the most serious cases, seizures. In conclusion, it's obvious war games (or violent games, in general) DO exist for financial reasons first (if they weren't appreciated by the majority of gamers in the world, I doubt they would still be in circulation), but PLEASE, do not try to justify them saying they should only be prohibited to children, because those obscenities (they do not even deserve to be called games) should be prohibited to everyone, not only children. There's absolutely nothing enjoyable in killing someone else, even if it's just a virtual world. If what interests you of war games isn't violence but the "puzzle elements" included in them, then try other types of games, such as platform or RPG, that is, quite at the contrary, an underrated genre. I'm a fan of RPGs such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, The Elder Scrolls (except Skyrim) and many other Japanese and American ones, and I assure you I spent entire, wonderful days of my adolescence with them.
Anonymous says2013-08-27T07:01:27.430
You do Realize the games you have played are all violent, and also you can find good plots in some "violent games", specially the good ones. And honestly how the technology is now a days I find myself learning more from video games than TV, which is what most of the world population watches.
Anonymous says2013-09-04T00:45:49.240
You said that they are anti social but on xbox you can talk to your friends
Anonymous says2013-09-17T09:28:26.227
..It actually has not been proven violent games make people violent. Rather, competition makes people violent. The only time I feel violent in regards to video games is when my sister beats me at FIFA (which is a soccer game). Point being, censorship is wrong. Period.
Rahsmoove says2014-01-09T16:30:33.270
There's no unit of measure for that level of stupidty.
All studies were proven to beinvalid because:
a. It was just a small levels of aggression, due to frustration.
B. The gamers were mostly paid.
C. Sometimes researchers were so desperate, they would even run test on retarded people.

2. Comic books, and movies were blamed

3. Youth crimes are down since video games.

4. Japan, and The Netherlands citizens view and play more violent video games then US citizen and crime is very low there. But here crime is way higher.

5. Even most people who don't play video games, knows that video games are not responsible. If video Games cause violence, why didn't congress ban IT? Because, It's unconstitutional, and the idea makes no sense.

6. Many people would say:".... They enjoy playing these games and aren't honest about the harm they can cause."

I think people would see that happening.

7. The problem with people who blame video games for violence don't think normally. Out of:
Mental problems
Bad Parenting
Low self-esteem

It has to be the video games?

8. No well-known video game store, I know of video would sell a rated M video game to a minor. In fact most encourage parents to use parental control which next gen or, middle age console.

All I hear about how the army has simulator suits, that are just like video games.
This is so inaccurate:
a. These simulation suits are for ACTUALLY training soldiers how to kill with combat, shooting techniques. With video games you, just move your thumbs.
B. These simulation test don't affect soldiers, and soldiers before they're enrolled in the army, they get a mental checkup.
C. Some games nowadays do require movement, but does:
MMA training make me a MMA fighter?
Does Black tail make me a soldier?
Does NFL 25 make me a football player?
Does Kinect adventure make me a great sports man?
No right, so how does GTA 5 make me a killer?

9. Violence has existed way before video games and TV were released.
Check the history ooks

10.Who's afraid of a gamer? No one.

No studies have manage to prove there's a correlation between video games and violence. Now shut up, and find something else to blame
BasicLogic says2014-04-24T23:46:31.487
If kids read a pirate book and act like a pirate, the parents think he is being imaginative.

If a kid reads a war book and pretends to be a soldier, the parents think he is being imaginative.

If a kids plays war games, he is a psychopath.

Logic at it's best
Soviet_Love says2015-06-08T15:33:28.400
Id rather use my brain to figure out a strategy to kill this damn Mayor on Hitman!
fuziodorf1 says2016-02-28T11:33:07.020
If games are gonna be banned from earth, I'm just gonna move to the moon.
FKHD says2016-04-23T02:30:35.823
Ulisse54 says2016-11-11T09:55:18.953
Shut the fuck up you bigot scum. Violent games are the best. You will never win this war, give the fuck up and leave us alonel we are adults or mature people, we know what we do.
Slowlow24 says2017-09-09T20:26:48.450
What do you mean that there is nothing cultural about video games? You've played games from different countries you can see that at the roots there is something different about them right? That's because of the people who made them, the CULTURE they were raised in therefore those video games are a product of culture and are cultural.
markfaafafa says2018-02-14T23:32:34.950
K FIRST if a person dosent have restrictions that can cause that and shut the f u c k up how they are showing messages every f u c k i n g game has a message like kill the bad guys and then their can one with deeper meaning
Ragusta says2019-08-12T01:13:42.617
"Second, A game is something that should teach our kids to socialize and use their brain, Combining education with enjoyment. . . Not instigate them to war. "

Who are you to tell game devs what their product should and shouldn't be. 1st amendment covers games as a form of speech, And therefore games should not be censored in any way. Otherwise who's going to stop people form censoring Violent movies, News, Ideas?

"Fourth, It's very rare that violent games do not have subliminal messages in them, And that's proved by the fact that the younger a person starts playing with such games, The more they become violent in the future years (not to talk about other elements that are often included, Such as sex and drugs). "

No reliable research supports this.

"Fifth, It's a matter of fact that such "games" provoke addition, And if a guy plays with them for various hours, They tend to develop high doses of adrenaline, Which causes stress, Lack of appetite, Insomnia, Crustiness and, In the most serious cases, Seizures. "

Sugar causes addiction. Can cause cravings, Be a cause of mood disorders, Causes obesity. Therefore sugar should be banned?
lolipoop says2020-02-07T06:55:05.677
Agreed. . . . . . . . . . .
lolipoop says2020-02-07T07:00:18.327
Also how you know these violent game's name
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