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Those Who voted 'No' are delusional fools.

   It's plainly obvious, video games make people of all ages agitated and aggressive. I've seen it in my nephews and niece and there are countless studies available at your finger tips. The vast majority of respondents to this article are delusional people with absolutely no sense of what's going on. Now that is a cold hard fact and highly unfortunate that there are so many video game addicts.
Anonymous says2013-06-26T18:19:14.347
I absolutely agree with you. Because the creators of games such as grand theft auto, call of duty and much more must be anti religious. We shouldn't ban these games but for people under that age.
Anonymous says2013-07-03T19:26:49.173
Those studies you're talking about, only say there is a link between aggression and violence in video games, it just means that there is a correlation between aggressive people and aggressive video games, not that video games CAUSE aggression. Even if they had found this to be the case, most of these studies methodology is questionable at best
Anonymous says2013-07-10T23:01:16.627
I dont agree with you because people have there rights to play what they want
Anonymous says2013-08-19T04:03:04.963
That was completely uncalled for, hypocritical and overly aggressive. Who are you calling agitated? You clearly don't even know what you are talking about as those studies you are referring to that are actual studies and not bias BS show little to know connection. And if really if you are going to make a weak and unsupported argument that is insulting to others who didn't do anything wrong then don't act just like the people you are complaining about. I am a big time gamer and wasn't in trouble once in high school. I have never been in a fight. I am living proof that your argument (if you could even call it that) is invalid, bias, and based off of uncalled for anger.
BoardPlank says2013-12-08T20:07:54.177
I've seen people angered to the point of tears when playing Wii Sports, which by no means is violent
Dave_B31 says2014-01-09T03:29:06.807
I've been playing these games for 21 years. I am doing absolutely fine, thanks. And calling people you don't agree with deluded doesn't really address the premise of your argument, it just demonstrates a lack of respect for others and an outright intolerance of differing opinions.

Besides, your argument holds little water from a research point of view.
Rahsmoove says2014-01-09T16:25:01.147
Only peeople who says yes are delusional fools. We would see if your imaginary thought was true
BasicLogic says2014-03-31T06:54:08.560
Oh the irony
antdbzb says2014-05-20T19:50:31.730
The use of ad hominem is strong in this post
Tmoonbeam says2014-05-23T00:17:16.270
Clinical psychologist Dr Ferguson, based at Stetson University in Florida, studied 377 children who were suffering from some form of elevated attention deficit or depressive symptoms to see if violent video games made them more angry or aggressive. His results showed the opposite, and suggested that in many cases “playing the violent games was cathartic, helping to reduce their aggressive tendencies and bullying behaviour
Badweather626 says2014-11-07T02:01:46.760
Most people that answered "YES" i bet havent even played a violent video game
lord_megatron says2015-04-05T03:11:32.587
If you bothered to actually research on those so called 'studies' you would find the results are still improbable and not yet confirmed whether aggressiveness is actually incited from video games or not. Get your facts right first, 'delusional fool'.
BeignetLutin says2015-06-21T03:58:49.947
Maybe its because your pissing them off when they just want to play video games.
Mr.weirdgamer says2016-02-10T16:33:51.857
You know you calling a 12 year old 'stupid and aggressive and age active" and I bet the people who said "yes" never touched the finger on a rated "M" game
preslee.olson says2016-02-23T16:26:45.400
I am not a fool thanks. If anything you need to get your head on straight video games are made for kids to have fun and when someone is murdered the police dont go ¨Hmmm the killer must have played video games¨ All the people who answered YES are people who dont know anything about video games!
TripZz says2016-03-20T23:26:13.570
My friend , you are crazy.
julian.silver says2017-01-17T16:22:18.647
Y'all need jesus
Hushnausea says2017-03-08T17:42:29.723
There are people who are violent and never played video games like my Diego and he was a friend in New Jersey and he was violent before he knew what video games in fourth grade
Hushnausea says2017-03-08T17:48:24.823
This is weak evidence
Slashin says2017-12-01T16:31:09.197
Retarded much?
ImDebatable says2017-12-28T11:41:18.130
1. Can you prove that it's obvious? You make a bold claim for someone with no evidence to back it up.
2.Your nieces and nephews are not valid test participants, and those "countless studies" are mostly case control studies.
3. You have a very high view of yourself. Sadly, that big head of yours can be easily popped in a real debate. Please, for the sake of humanity, research both sides before you make a claim.
OrE says2018-01-12T20:41:45.007
And the people that voted "yes" are retarded, delusional fools.
markfaafafa says2018-02-14T04:08:42.620
Where the evidence
Ulisse54 says2018-03-04T07:50:34.107
You're like those morons that say that the guns are the problem and not the people.
junho7420 says2018-06-07T11:46:26.150
The people who chose yes, are the fools.
junho7420 says2018-06-07T11:47:07.740
And where's the proof??
Debatemaster57 says2018-08-15T05:08:57.367
Wheres the evidence
Carlos182 says2019-08-18T22:09:45.693
If video games cause violence than cars cause drunk driving and utensils make people fat
Knight_Dragon says2020-01-18T04:23:51.347
How are the people who say "no" are delusional fools when their not?
lolipoop says2020-02-07T07:08:26.823
The title of your opinion is offensive to some people
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