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Violent video games should be banned because they encourage violence.

   Remember the massacre in Norway? A group of children were on an island off the coast of Norway. A young man went there and murdered all the children there. Children, for God's sake. After he was captured and brought to court he said, and I quote, "I practiced playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare."
Anonymous says2013-04-17T19:30:01.297
But this man was shown to have mental illness, do better research dude.
Anonymous says2013-04-29T18:09:35.043
Obviously he had an illness. Mark
Dynamite4477 says2013-05-22T19:08:47.883
Most of these mass shootings have to do with a mental person getting their hands on a gun after playing a violent video game. Notice the "mental illness" part. If he didnt have that he would have been able to differentiate real life from simulation and the massacre would have been avoided
Anonymous says2013-08-19T04:07:42.297
Really? I you even knew what COD was like you would know how stupid that is. You either click a mouse button or tap a little button to fire your gun. How could you get any skill from that?
@dynamite4477 no that is bs they rarely if ever played a violent video game and desired to kill as a result. You people do not know what you are talking about at all.
Learn what's actually going on and ignore the decrees of your Fox News overlords.
greenghost2008 says2013-12-18T06:40:31.280
He drink milk to. Ban milk?
Dave_B31 says2014-01-09T03:24:27.303
I've been playing these games for over 20 years and not once have I felt compelled to find a gun and go 'round shooting people indiscriminately. The arguments presented on this side are just plain fatuous and nonsensical.
secret6timb1 says2014-03-16T14:01:54.170
Its because hes mental, There should be a thumbs down button, Id give this one millions.
BasicLogic says2014-03-31T06:53:23.187
For god's sake, he was insane. Also, how do moving thumbs and bressing buttons teach you how to kill? Also, he breathed oxygen. Everyone who did a crime breathed oxygen. Should we ban oxygen?
antdbzb says2014-05-20T19:44:00.100
I bet he had some bread before as well, better ban bread!
CivilRightOverSports says2015-02-04T18:58:47.050
The guy is crazy does that sound like a sane thing to say? I play call of duty and I can barley even fire the pellet gun I own. The game neither made him crazy or trained him.
wawajohanson says2016-04-19T16:17:17.343
Yea lets trust the statement of a psychopath.
mherrig97 says2016-11-05T03:01:24.460
This makes me laugh my ass off because Call of Duty is the least realistic shooter out there.
Slashin says2017-12-01T16:40:30.503
I think he was part of a terrorist organization.
ImDebatable says2017-12-28T12:08:41.117
Twiddling your thumbs on thumbstick does not teach how to shoot a gun.
markfaafafa says2018-02-14T23:11:15.140
He need to blame something and ruin it for everyone else
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