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Let them go on.

  Violent games teach us kids lifelong lessons such as how to survive in a war or how to use guns if you are in the army! People only think about what bad lessons and bad things these games could teach but there are many upsides to these games so parents should allow us to play.
Anonymous says2013-03-20T20:44:43.237
If you're in the army, or going to be in the army, boot camp is for teaching survival skills and gun training. With both of these, the hands-on training you receive from experts is far better than twiddling your thumbs on a controller to execute virtual skills.
Anonymous says2013-04-23T18:29:34.990
I agree with the other person who commented- this isnt right its not like us kids are going to go into a war without them giving us practise themselves duh!
Anonymous says2013-05-30T19:10:08.717
Some are also a direct insult to solders
Anonymous says2013-06-20T18:34:48.123
They shouldnt ban them, but a virtual gun on an Xbox isnt going to teach a child gun safety or teach them how to use it for that matter
Freelancer400 says2014-04-05T17:04:27.277
Moving your thumbs doesn't teach you a damn thing about being in the army.
tomdonovan22 says2014-05-16T08:28:47.720
I am in favour of not banning violent games but you have to admit that thats a pretty lame example bro...
Xx_SwegLord420_xX says2016-02-04T15:13:35.640
Dude how does any video game help you in a Military or Survival instinct all it does is calms the child or cause him to reenact a scene in the game
GamingPotato says2017-01-02T07:42:17.353
You are a prime example of why people support the ban. It's because certain people weren't taught or cannot figure out that video games are separate from reality. They are not "military training", but a GAME, meant to entertain.
catsaretasty says2017-01-04T01:45:15.157
You retard
catsaretasty says2017-01-04T01:58:14.070
"Moving your thumbs doesn't teach you a damn thing about being in the army"

So true
ImDebatable says2017-12-28T11:46:20.540
I'm against the topic, but seriously? Video games are exaggerated, and to survive a war requires more than your thumbs, you need the skill to make the objects and be physically fit.
OrE says2018-01-12T20:46:21.397
Seriously, I'm voting no, but this was written by a 5 year old
MrBozo says2018-02-14T00:59:39.473
@OrE how would a 5-year-old get his hands on a computer?
MrBozo says2018-02-14T01:01:33.213
@OrE I mean, I totally agree with you though.
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