• This is america

    But visco girls are just plain wrong they should all be secluded on French Southern and Antarctic Lands because they don't deserve to be near real humans and they will all die out in about 10 days because they all have 5 hydroflasks full of water and one probably knows how to make salt water drinkable but they won't have food because they don't want to eat turtles or fish

  • Annoying as Hell

    Seriously, A lot of those brats come from homes where their parents were to busy arguing about jewelry and just left them to get corrupted by punk ass popular girls. Give them at least one bit fat "NO" in their lives that their parents never gave them. These types thinks its ok to bully someone because of their lack of Gucci and they must be countered. Stop them before they claim anymore victims.

  • SAVE THE TURTLES. . . From annoying VSCO girls.

    VSCO girls and VSCO boys are rediculous, Showing no general societal beliefs, Only following the "coolest new trends. " In that case, The only societal beliefs these VSCO people share is the belief of bandwagoning. The point of being a VSCO person is useless, As first and foremost they start many sentences with conjunctions ("AND I oop. . . "). Also, While I have seen a trend in people going VSCO, I have NOT seen a trend in saved turtles. Consider saying "yes" to this question as saying "yes" to prevent the spread of general annoyance.

  • Freedom in America

    It's called freedom. . . Welcome to America. Simply because you don't 'like' a particular fashion trend, Music, Etc. Is hardly a reason to ban it/them. Do you like the Beatles? Many folks in 1964 thought they should be banned. We won't even bring up pelvis gyrating Elvis. Consider where you might be if "they" ban your favorite whatever.

  • Each individual is entitled to their own likings.

    Therefore, Whilst someone else may bear a huge hatred for VSCO girls, That doesn't give them the right to impose their beliefs onto others, Especially those who admire VSCO girls. Banning the presence of VSCO girls solely on the basis of personal preferences is unreasonable and authoritarian - a paradox in a nation that so happily harps upon liberty.

  • No no no

    No trend should be banned. Nothing should discontinue because people can't do it, It should be adapted to suit the needs of all the people who continue to use and want to use the trend to help themselves. And VSCO has never nesscesarily been a bad thing. So there u have it.

  • VSCO girls aren't that bad. . . ?

    VSCO girls are pretty much just people who follow/start a trend, But act in a more exaggerated way. Also, What they're doing is actually beneficial for our environment. "SAVE THE TURTLES" is : using reusable hydro flask (sksks), Using metal straws, Etc. If what they are doing is saving the earth, Then why not do it? There's absolutely nothing wrong with making an effort to do something helpful. :)

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