• Of course lol

    Give me one reason why he shouldn't be. Cmon, Wario is in Smash, So why not Waluigi? He's been demoted to an assist trophy but this must be stopped. Even MARIO of all people is in smash. We need Waluigi, He honestly god so put him in smash Nintendo. #Waluigi4Smash

  • My balls itch

    My nuts itch holy shit someone get me some ball cream jesus they itch so much i need a cheese grader or something for these bad boys oh my god its like theyre on fire what the f**k happened why do they itch so bad did i hit the word limit yet

  • He is part of the crew

    All of the other bros are fighters and waluigi isnt. People say he hasnt been canon but if we are going by canon appearances then toad should be in smash instead of wario. I have to keep typing to satisfy this stupid word count so i will just keep writing random crap.

  • Waluigi For Smash?

    Well they added Wario- why can't they add Waluigi? >:0 we've been asking this for years, Nintendo! However, Some many argue that Waluigi is a trophy character, And that may be true. Just replace the Waluigi Trophy with Diddy Kong and the world may be sweet again.
    What do you guys think?

  • Definitely iconic enough

    Waluigi's first appearance was in Mario Tennis for the N64. Since then, He has been in all sorts of games such as the Mario Party series, The Mario kart series, And many other Mario sports games. He was even the main antagonist in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. While he has never been in a main series mario game, He is certainly iconic enough for the Smash roster.

  • Um, Hell yeah.

    First of all, Why the hell is Wario in smash if Waluigi is not with him? Wario and Waluigi are supposed to be together because they're the opposite of Mario and Luigi. It's like adding Mario in and leaving Luigi out. It makes no sense. We need justice for Waluigi. #Waluigi4Smash

  • Good Character Main Mario character

    He is a Main Mario character and is not just used for memes he could be very interesting and deserves to be in Smash bros he could have many different moves that use tennis and possibly cheating? Thats why Waluigi Should be in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Filler filler filler

  • He's already in the game as an assist trophy

    Don't get me wrong, I would love if Waluigi is in Smash but considering that he's an assist trophy and imo, It would be too late to remove his trophy just to promote him as a fighter (I don't know if it's possible for Sakurai to remove an assist trophy once they're in the game)

  • Why should he be?

    1) Doesn't have own game/ not iconic
    2) No authentic move set that unique to him alone would be interesting

    1) "BUT WHAT ABOUT PLAAAANT? " Seriously, Show a picture of plant to anyone who has played a videogame and they know who that is; plus, They appear in every mainline Mario game. Waluigi has nothing special about him as a character, And obviously has never had his own game. Echos like Dark Pit, And Daisy get an excuse because they are echoes that require very little adjustment to slap in the game, But because of his physicality, Waluigi could not be an echo. To be honest, It's actually most fitting for his character to be left out. Speaking of which. . .

    2) One of the things that makes Smash as great as it is, Is the high level of character authenticity. While related to 1 in a way, Movesets mostly come from the games of their origin (exceptions for characters like Falcon, Fox, Etc. Where being iconic at the time was enough). Waluigi only really appears in spinoffs, And while I could imagine him representing spinoffs with sport equipment or dice from party, Those are all actions that others have done as well. Since the franchise is as developed as it is, Sakuri needs interesting characters for new play styles, And Waluigi can't offer anything that's authentic, Individual, And interesting. Take one away and you have a chance, But I'm pretty sure he wants the trifactor.

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