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  • Don't waste materials.

    Animals will always die and are being killed regardless if it is moral or not. It would be a waste to not put the already dead animals skin to use in the form of clothing or otherwise. Nothing is gained from killing an animal and then not using it's skin if you aren't going to eat it.

  • They shouldn't be BANNED, But. . .

    I would like to start by addressing that although I am not a vegetarian, Pescatarian, Vegan nor do I have and specific dietary requirements, This is for a number of factors other than what I am about to discuss. I am a strong advocate against the senseless killing of animals, And the mass slaughter of livestock of any kind, All across the world, Really does sicken me. I found this a hard decision to make and I was very close to choosing 'Yes' as I hope I do argue for the other side in saying the following: Through the production and distribution of animal based clothing items it is trivialising the death of living animals for the gain of fashion labels and mass consumerism. HOWEVER, I chose to argue for the opposite way because I am a realist. I know that in my lifetime this meat-eating culture isn't going to dissipate and with increasing population, Is more likely to expand. This means that there is even more animal remains and carcasses going to waste after they are slaughtered, Which could theoretically be used to create useful items for many people. I do not condone the use of animal parts within fashion and would much rather see these being made into clothing items or other items for less fortunate people. This may include high quality items such as shoes and jumpers being given to rough sleepers or used across homeless shelters, To even shipping them abroad to countries consumed with war, Famine or other harsh environments. I believe at the end of the day, If the death of that animal can go to positively benefiting the quality of life of another person, Then at last it is a tip-toe in the right direction.

  • Because we are killing to much animals and in a wrong way

    Some people just kill animals for fun and also they kill them in a wrong way because sometimes you see people put live chickens in a hot boiling pan and they kill them with no care of what they are feeling and god put animals in earth to eat them yes but people don’t kill animals how they are supposed to and when we are getting animals skin of we are killing them because they need their skin to live and survive the climet and people start to just grab a knife 🔪 and only peel of the skin. Thats why we should ban animal clothes

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