• Yes let it die

    It is like some dark necromancer resurrected your favorite grandparent. You think it will be fun to see them alive but they are dark different and a shell of themselves. What do you do. You burn it and let them rest.
    Disney BOUGHT star wars TO MAKE MONEY.
    They threw out all of the comics and novels and erased the future of star wars to write their own future. Fair enough the extended universe stuff was contradictory let us see what they make 7-9 into.

    It was trash. I could care less if the protagonist was female and her companion black. What got me angry was how they ignored the preexisting cannon and destroyed the past.
    They made rey and leia into overpowered Jedi masters even though non of them had training. Leia should have died in the vacuum of space instead of doing a superman resurrection. Rian johnson stole a scene from another movie. It was not homage it was plagiarism. Did the man even watch star wars? If tiny ships hyper jumping can do so much damage why then doesn't everyone do it. The rebels have the most idiotic leaders they all died when the movie could have been resolved in the first few minutes.
    His movies make no sense. Rose willing was okay that her sister die for the mission but when everyone
    s life was on the line she sabotages it for the name of a very forced loved. Rians want to "surprise" the viewer by doing gotcha! Luke is a crusty old man and is a shell of himself and then dies. Han died anticlimactically and Rey is too much of a mary sue. The only thing keeping it afloat is the the graphics cover up the mess of the story. That is the fx team and not rian johnson.
    Who was Snoke? Who cares. Phasma a potential villain dead. Snoke killed like common clone trooper. Who are these people? They die are never mentioned. I never want to see stars wars by rian johnson.
    If romero and juliet had romero die in the first act and juliet become gay and killed both houses the movie critiques would have a heart attack.
    But if rian jonson butchers star wars the high and mighty movie critiques call it the best thing since sliced bread. Anyone who critizes it is a rasist women hater anti progressive man.
    I am a liberal brown man and I hate the star wars. I am being told to shut up and enjoy this empty movie and buy porg toys and spend money on disney. I have decided to remove all thing star wars and toboycott rian johnson.
    Why must something I like be massacured for selling cheap expensive toys and other cheap Disney goods.

  • Yes it should not be banned!

    Star Wars is a movie about ewoks from a village called Kashyk. Little wookies grow big as they eat more moongo berries which are collected from the dunes of Bumbor. Luke skywalker could not remember his lines for some of the newer episodes of Star war but it's still funny to fans of the 60's films. I had fun with Click.

  • Please remember the Eworks.

    Before e-boy and e-girls and even E2D2 we had Eworks and Ewalks. These cute little Forrest criminals always have had a special place in my heart ever since they were throwing the rocks at the Emperor. Please remove Star Wars and ban it, I really agree with this. Star Wars needs to end for the sake of all my wooklies and ewalks.

  • No it should not

    I don't know if it should because I just want to know if anyone chooses yes and I want to see what their arguments are also I want to see how many people actually want star wars to get banned and how many don't because I like star wars and their whole franchise.

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