• Zoos are unnatural

    Keeping animals in zoos constitutes one of the greatest injustices of all time. Zoos keep animals mainly for public viewing. If truly animals were kept to avoid extinction, then we would have conservatories dedicated for that purpose. Furthermore, if you view animals at the zoo you will see that these animals spend most of their existence trying to escape. For the most part these animals do not want to be kept in captivity. All in all, zoos are prisons for animals.



  • It's cruel.

    I mean would you like to live in a cage and be stared at all day? I don't think so. How do you think animals feel? How would you feel? Think about it, living in a cage surrounded by humans staring at you. I think it is a cruel place.

  • Zoos in South Korea keep animals wrongly.

    Zoos in Korea does not give animals the food in the right time. Also, they do not teach them correctly. Also, they should give better life to animals. People who love animals should be in zoos. However, people in zoos do not like animals. As a result, animals get hurt by the zoo keepers. Therefore, zoos should be banned.

  • Keep animals in the zoo.

    Animals need good treatment and by keeping them in the zoos they get that good treatment. They are given food to eat and a nice place to live. Animals are in more danger in the wild, so if we keep them in zoos they are protected by people that love them.

  • Other than occasional research, which most of has been done. The only point is our amusement.

    We've had our damn fun. Its time to let these animals go. If an animal is found injured or a species is going extinct. Obviously intervention can occur and captive breeding should be allowed. But they should be re-integrated into the wild. If people wanna see these animals in the wild. They should have to take wildlife safaries or hire preserve guides or something. Not cage them up just so their kids can see the monkeys. Its goddamn pointless. These animals are, stressed, depressed, and most of the time less than dead.

  • Animals need a natural habitat.

    The San Francisco killing by a tiger obviously had to be provoked by a human. There is no reason for keeping animals in zoos. It is just death waiting to happen for humans. A lion killing just happened on March 7, 2013. We need to give a natural habitat to amazing creatures such as elephants, lions, and other animals.

  • elepants

    Stress behaviors
    When I visited a zoo recently, one of the elephants was swaying her trunk back and forth. I took a clip of her, which you can view on the right. At the end of the clip you can hear a woman say: "if I could just do that all day, man that would be pretty sweet.". I also overheard a little girl ask her mother what the elephant was doing. Her mother answered that the elephant was "dancing".

    The sad truth though is that repetitive movements like trunk swaying are clear signs of stress. Since most of us only know these wild animals from seeing them in zoos, it isn't easy to recognize stress behaviors. Zoo keepers either aren't aware of these signs themselves, or they aren't eager to explain them to us.

  • yes

    zoos sell older animals to labs for experiments and they kill them they also sell them to game farms so that people can pay to kill them

  • zoooooooooooooo

    in my opion zoos must be baneed for ever because animals like there birthn place such as forest animals are keeping in the zoo because of us we are cutting trees and v r making deforestation.correct? yes when hunters come animals ran to escape the bushes and trees are cutted so that they can"hide then the huntewrs catch them.the zoo officers please think for one second when yopu die you will get punishment the god please dont get keeping animals in zoo please

  • Save animals from extinction.

    Some of the animals in the world are nearly extinct so why don't we try and save them.
    If some of the exotic animals are extinct by the time the next generation come around, we won't be able to show our children because we have not stopped the animals hunting the exotic animals.

  • Leave Zoos Alone!

    Don't you remember going to the zoo when you were little? Everyone deserves an experience like this, where eles will you see a giraffe or elephant?
    When zoos are banned, people lose their jobs.
    Zoos attract a lot of visitors.
    Zoos help people appreciate the beauty of nature and the world around them.
    In conclusion, the amazing animals deserved to be recongnized, not hidden in the nature. Children and adults are inspired every single day by animals and park rangers.
    There is no other place where you can see animals from alstralia all the way to the north pole in one place.

  • I believe zoos are a vital educational tool that enhance our community. Zoos increase awareness of endangered species and the importance of conservation.

    Zoos help us understand animals. They provide a good tool for our communities by housing and taking care of animals that may have been in danger at one time in their life. Zoos often treat animals with respect and give them all that they need to survive and live a long happy life. Besides, who doesn't enjoy the zoo? It's a great way to get up close to animals that you would have never otherwise been able to see if they had never left their natural habitat.

    Posted by: R3ubHockey
  • Animals deserve to live in one place

    Animals that are brought up in captivity are used to it so when they have to change habitat it is weird for them so if up were brought up in England then moved to a place like China you would feel uncomfortable because up out of your habitat. We are helping to protect the animals.


    Nearly all of the animals in zoos have either been bred in captivity or need to receive medical attention. Animals born and raised in zoos do not have the survival skills to be let out into the wild and have had nothing taken away from them. These animals are well cared for and are not harmed in anyway. They prevent the extinction of many animals, offer a large number of jobs, and modern day zoos are not cruel to animals. There are so many reasons in this case why the positives of having zoos out way the negatives.

  • Zoos do not force animals to breed/live with each other.

    To whoever stated that animals are forced to breed with each other; that is an absurd assumption! Keepers take special care when introducing a new member to an existing group of animals; different personalities, relationships and behavioural patterns are all taken into account. If an animal is not accepted into a community or bullied by fellow animals (a process that occurs naturally in the wild) it is not forced to stay with the group. All animals are watched carefully for problems, they will not be left to suffer or feel alienated in the group. Animal happiness is of the utmost importance and each animal’s needs are considered carefully when introducing new animals into the zoo. Wild animal social groups are replicated as closely as possible within captivity, for example; if an animal is solitary it is not placed in a group where it will be unhappy, it will be kept on its own until the appropriate breeding season where it will be given the opportunity to mate. It may also be kept close to it’s mate, for example; Edinburgh Zoo’s giant pandas, Tian Tian and Yang Guan are kept side by side and can see, hear and smell each other but have their own separate territories. This means that they can get used to one another and eradicates tension or potential aggressive behaviour when they are placed together during breeding season. Lastly, animals are not forced to breed with one another. If they do not want to breed, they will not; it is as simple as that. Many species, such as lions, will have an alpha male with which all the females will breed. This is a natural process and shows that animals in captivity don’t simply breed with the one male because they have ‘no other options’.


    It will be sad for the animals to be lock down in cages and zookeepers abusing them and not growing in there natural habitat and really not a zoo lover. When writing a essay remember to tell how bad zookeepers treat the animals and other animals running in the street. I hope you agree with me.

  • We need them

    Not only do zoos save animals from extinction, but they actually reproduce the animals for future release into the wild to restore the dwindling numbers, such as the black rhino. Without the zoos caring and breeding the animals they would have long ago become extinct. As others have stated, the animals in zoos are well taken care of, they are also a place of people to learn about animals they otherwise would not be able to see, and they provide a safe environment for many endangered animals. In the wild many of these animals would die because of illnesses, hunting, and starvation. They are a great place for people to gain a firsthand appreciation for the divine beauty of nature and with that appreciation people will be more inclined to care for our beautiful earth.
    Zoos have research programs that help expand our knowledge about animals, especially the endangered species. The information gained by these programs can help protect, and treat the species in the wild, as well as determine what affects if any climate change may have on the regions needed for the species to flourish. Many zoos also have breeding programs for all kinds of species, endangered or not, and learn even more about the species during the breeding, and rearing process. All this knowledge and information is shared with visitors, organizations, and other programs alike. There are certainly zoos that do nothing but display animals, but so many have broadened their exhibit goals, and expanded their species scope of responsibility, that each zoo really needs to be judged on its own merits.

  • I think zoos shouldn't be banned, because if there are no zoos, then where can we watch those special animals that don't exist in the U.S.?

    Zoos are the closest place for us to watch animals that we didn't know. We can learn about those animals, and see them not in the book but in real. Animals can feel uncomfortable with the zoo circumstances, but it is not, because they seems to be having fun, and don't really care about us. The zoo is the only place we can see and watch animals that we only see in the books.

  • We should not ban keeping animals in zoos because they provide education and conservation.

    Zoos allow people to enjoy animals that they would never see if they had to go to the animals' natural habitats. Zoos help educate people so they understand the need for conservation both for the animals and the plants. This raises awareness. They also help protect endangered and irreplaceable species, ultimately providing a better world for the animals.

    Posted by: R02Born

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Anonymous says2013-04-10T00:34:18.660
I believe we should ban zoos because they cause stress on the animals, they shorten an animals lifespan, and zoo's cost a lot of money to operate. We should start by saving the animals habitat because then animals will be free and we can save more.
Anonymous says2013-04-15T06:29:23.673
I think we should not ban zoos for the safety of man kind, because if we let them out they're just going to come after us.
s53427 says2014-03-11T15:58:23.950
Ravensong2 says2018-03-23T14:53:59.383
Ok whoever wrote that I really hope ur joking the second anonymous

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