• Of course! Why not!

    Yea so then they can die. After all of those in poverty die, We are free of poverty. THis is very epic and cash money, And plus they won't start a revolt because theyre getting food, But then they die so they are dead and big very cash money boom

  • Yes very good!

    If a product is only several days past its selling, Or expiration, Date the less picky among the homeless would be likely to indulge themselves. This would also help from food waste as grocery stores and big corporations could donate their products that are past the sell by date instead of throwing it all in the trash.

  • Do Not Waste Food

    Poor need food. In many instances, Expired food products are still safe for consumption. We should provide this edible food to poor people who are hungry. Allow the businesses to get a tax deduction for expired food donations. Money and time will be saved. The poor will appreciate this. Thank you.

  • Bad food is better than no food

    Would you eat so slightly moldy bread or starve to death? There are allready people who dig for their food in the trash so slightly spoiled food is not that bad comparitly. + our concept of expired food is inacurate and leeds to a large amount of food waste. This would solve this problem

  • Of course not!

    They are already dieing, Y give them a worse thing to put up with. They shouldn´t have to have something worse happen to them. Everyone who says they should die and all that crap, That´s stupid! What did they ever do to you! They should have good food because they need it!

  • We have enough

    Stores throw away fresh food because they new to make room from new stock. Actually footage show food still good and not expired.
    But when the store were told to not waste food they locked the trash cans and began to mulch them.

    All of you mommas boys never went hungry before. You think its a joke to make fun of poor people. You are the rich men mocking Lazarus. Only in the afterlife will you realize the poor wretched person was you.

  • They don’t deserve expired food.

    They worked so hard to put a piece of bread on the table for the whole family only to see it is 3 weeks expired? This is not right. Supermarkets that are in the feeding America program give expired food to the program and the program sends it to the hungry? Just because they are in poverty doesn’t mean they get expired food. What’s wrong with them getting a scrumptious McNuggets?

  • NO WAY! Nobody deserves eating expired and moldy food, Not even pets! This is so unsafe and cruel.

    Do you know what are the repercussions expired food will do to you? Expired food contains harmful bacteria that can lead you to have E. Coli, Severe diarrhea, Abnormal pain etc, Once you digest it.

    People living in poverty have already suffered greatly, At every single day of their lives. We don't want to continually add that extra burden even more to their shoulders! We can't treat people like this. We should never, And we never will be!

    Think outside the square before you act, Folks! People in poverty have lives, Just like us. Simple as that. These people wouldn't be able to go get medical attention/treatment themselves. Some don't know where to seek assistance, And plus, They certainly just don't have the money.

    We have non-profit charity organizations all over the globe, Like the Salvation Army or the YWCA, Where they can help the homeless and solve their issues in a heartbeat. They have been doing this since Day 1. So don't tell me that serving expired food will solve the problem. It wouldn't. The problem will get even worse.

  • Not if you want to save money

    Giving poor people expired food would make them sick then healthcare costs and a violent revolt by the poor people to get better food thats not expired. What if they then started feeding other people the expired food because they felt it was ok to eat and then more sick.

  • Would you pour salt on an open wound to "make it better"?

    People may be homeless, But that doesn't make them any less entitled to being able to fill their stomachs, Especially since food is a basic necessity. As a society, It is also the duty of every well-to-do citizen to give back and retain altruistic values. Therefore, Providing the homeless with expired food is not only ethically irresponsible, But also an egregious act of mistreatment.

  • Oh hell no

    Let's say you give impoverished people expired food. These impoverished people are living on barely edible food, And you risk worsening their condition by handing them expired food. If they do happen to realise that the food you are handing them is 'spoilt', Their instincts will be to immediately decline it. Even if you think it's just a few days old, It still won't stop any food poisoning from happening, Which will be detrimental to the health of such impoverished people. It would be despicable also if you pretended that the food you handed over was completely fine - that would be pure evil.

    Don't worsen their living conditions.

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