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  • Without nice cars well be driving around in 1950 cadillacs

    I think that if you have the money to buy something nice then i don't think there should be anything against you doing that so in my opinion i think we should have nice cars so like to the 25% saying no i don't hold any offense against you but i don't agree with you

  • It's your money, Spend it how you like

    If it's your money your using to buy the car, Then why not, If you got money to spend, Then by all means, Spend it on a expensive car. Maybe you were really successful, You won a lot of money, Or got extra money, Then go on ahead and spend it, But be wise in doing so

  • Cars are cool

    People should be able to have nice cars because it represents how hard you work, Theoretically. Cool cars are a way of showing off and believe me its the best feeling ever to be pumping gas in a car and someone says nice car were did you get it. Its awesome.

  • Why is this even here

    Of course! People can buy whatever they want if they can. I honestly don't see a reason as to why we can't be allowed to buy nice cars. Its a persons freedom and a person's own discretion to buy something like a nice car. People buy nice cars and if they want to show them off, Well good for them!

  • I do not agree with this.

    Nice cars are for absolute losers, Nobody cares if you have a nice car. You could travel with a horse-drawn carriage and not get any weird looks except from the looks that are from all the peasants who can't afford a horse-drawn carriage, You will never have a nice car.

  • Only thanos car is acceptababbabale

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