• Very good idea.

    I suggest a longer school year and longer school days. At least for the older students like high school kids.
    1) The U. S. Does not produce the best students as kids in many other countries tend to score higher in key subjects like math. The countries that score the highest tend to be oriental ones that have class year round. Sure, They do have summer breaks but they are shorter and just an option for students that can perform well.
    2) School is intended to get kids prepared to be adults. Schools tend to only have about 1, 000 hrs of class time per year but they will likely work a full time job when they are adults and that's over 2, 000 hrs. Clearly having them work a similar number of hours would help condition them to what their future.
    3) Less expensive for parents. Sure, Teachers will need to be paid more but schools are full of unnecessary things like sports that could be cut to save money and fund the teachers. The parents could even save tons of money because they would not need to pay daycare to watch their kids until they get home from work. Daycare can be quite expensive as parents can pay them about the same amount that they earn for working those hours. To them, It would be like getting 3 months more pay.
    Students with better grades. Are more prepared for life after school. And parents with more money in their pocket. Yes, Sounds like a very good idea.

  • Are u stupud

    IM not even going to start with all yalls poop butts up in this block yalls be trippin. So listen up to my idea
    We should inject monkeys with llama genes so they become a super powerful llama monkey
    Summer break is here to stays yalls be trippin over in my block i bap bap you right back to were you belong.

  • Students NEED Breaks

    We need breaks because students will get driven out and very angry. The classrooms are also very hot and uncomfortable during the summer. Students need to be happier. Transitioning into grades and schools would be very hard. There is no reason why students should not have breaks. LOgic boi s

  • It's called a summer BREAK for a reason!

    Students need breaks. Its probably the only way to help stressed students de-stress and break away from school life. A summer break is essential to rejuvenate yourself. Students will experience unbearable stress and anxiety if summer break never existed. It really doesn't do much good to students except that 1% chance of getting (comparably) better grades

  • Students need breaks!

    Students can't go so much time with going to school. Students are already sleep-deprived and having school during the summer would just add to that making students feel grumpy and angry. Summer is meant to be a break and a chance to be with family. Students already get tired of all the work in school with summer and taking that away would make it so much worse. Students would also be able to get summer jobs during the summer, Hang out with friends, And enjoy life. Looking forward to the summer also makes motivation to do their best at the end of the year and push through it to get that break.

  • We Need Motivation

    I usually have checkpoints when it comes to school. Thanksgiving, Christmas, My Birthday, And Summer Break. Without a rest students will not have proper motivation, And always be tired from both work and amount of sleep. Even though kids may learn more, They also may be able to get summer jobs, And actually earn money.

    Posted by: Club
  • Overwhelming Amount Of Work

    Students normally have homework and tons of other work needed it get done. Summer is fun and relaxing because they don't have work. I'm a student myself and I know that having work to get done in summer is not good. We need breaks because its helpful. Summer Break is for family. And we don't need tons of work while its hot outside.

  • Summer is beneficial!

    Almost every student looks forward to break. To some, Knowing that summer is coming soon gets them through the rest of the year. I know that I am counting down the days till summer. Taking away summer can severely increase drop out rates and the happiness of students. Although school is important, It isn't everything in a person's life. Students need to know there is more to life than school, School, School!

  • Just because its a break

    Students need breaks in order to you know for obvious reasons
    I mean if you go too school all year you're gonna get stressed out don't act like you won't. Yes school is important but breaks are too. It's like saying you have to attend a meeting everyday for 7 hours with annoying people

  • NO no no

    No no no no no no n o no no no no no on non onono onnonononnonn onono non on oo no non o no no n o n on on onon o no n on on non o nvo n on on o on ono no n on on

  • Yalls be tripp

    Why do we need kids anyway we should just send all the kids to ho trip up in siberia were they belong yeet yaga boop bap Haha Boop bop Summer break a trip just send kids to the forests of nam were they belong boop bap poop bap boop bap

  • Breaks exist for a reason.

    I presume this argument relies on the basis that school will still be mandatory. Summer break exists for a reason. Sure, In countries like the US, Where there are a stupid number of weeks off school, Maybe it would be acceptable to have a select number of days to spread out over the break. That being said, We are given summer breaks for a reason. How is a break where you have to worry about going to school and/or getting work done preparing students for their own futures?

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