• Rawt rawt rawt

    We judge peeps becaus they dumbies and don't know how to dress. U have a good giigle AT Soeone s fit that they just copped u an just rawt them and its all goid in the hood u base people on their fit if its bas we don't freak avec them. Tres bien merci au revoir de rien rawt je m'appelle pompemousee

  • We do anyway.

    How we look gives people there first impression of who we are. It may not be right to judge someone by things like race and gender as they can't control that but what they decide to wear is fine as that is something they can control. Some may like it, Others, Not so much.

  • The Term "Fashion"

    If we were to not judge what people put on their bodies, Then it has to go both ways, We can't say "I don't judge people" or "I don't talk shit" regarding clothing choices, But then turn around and pick up a fashion magazine and praise others. Our cultures teach us what to wear to specific events, So if you wear something that is not appropriate to the situation, You need to expect to get some weird looks.

  • Not in a Bad Way

    Keep in mind, I'm not saying we should tease them about it, But it's natural instinct to judge someone.
    People wear what they feel their personality is, Right? So this could be a good thing! It's a good way for people to express themselves. I express myself as a tomboy by wearing jeans and t-shirts.

    Now, People can know my personality! I agree, If you tease them, It's wrong. You can judge someone mentally, But don't actually say something outright rude to them. If you like the way they dress, It's fine! Go ahead and compliment them!

    But, As humans, We naturally judge people, But if it's bad, Keep it to yourself. That's all I'm trying to say here.

  • Takes up too much time!

    Think of how much improvements on the quality of life we humans could make if we didn't always worry about what we wear in public, If what we wear is appropriate, Debating whether or not to pick dress A or dress B and especially makeup. I think we would be much better as a society but on the contrast humans are naturally very judgemental so we most likely won't see any change :/.

  • Carefree, Socially and love

    Everyone should decide what to wear out publicly, Because life should be SIMPLE and EASY. Now what i'm about to say is a definite NO word to those who control others what they should wear cause of that. Do you get what i'm trying to say?
    No, Well then let me make an example. . .
    You are walking down the street trying to think what's your everyday outfit, Suddenly you came across an person. While this person wears her own style of clothing, You judge her through her outfits making you think that her clothes are ugly. YOU and the PERSON need to connect with each other, As you understand from her point of view. Get it? GREAT! WELL TIME FOR ME TO HIT THE BEACH! :)

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