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  • Animals should be kept in zoos.

    You can't just chuck these animals away and expect them to survive by there selves. If animals were in the wild they would have to take risks to have food and a tiger might attack but in zoos nothing like that would happen. Animals have their own special needs in every kind most people think they live cages but that is not true. If you are against this then why were you having a great time in the zoo.

  • Yes we should, because of a thousand reasons!

    We should because It will keep the rare species alive and if we didn't have zoos some if those animals would be extinct right now!!! Seriously people who say no, I get your point but think about it! A thousand animals might have or probably would have died because of natural causes or more likely predators!

  • Why We Should we keep Zoos?

    •By bringing people and animals together, zoos educate the public and foster an appreciation of the animals. This exposure and education motivates people to protect the animals.
    •Zoos save endangered species by bringing them into a safe environment, where they are protected from poachers, habitat loss, starvation and predators.
    •Many zoos also have breeding programs for endangered species. In the wild, these individuals might have trouble finding mates and breeding.
    •Reputable zoos are accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and are held to high standards for the treatment of the animals. According to the AZA, accreditation means, "official recognition and approval of a zoo or aquarium by a group of experts."
    •A good zoo provides an enriched habitat in which the animals are never bored, are well cared-for, and have plenty of space.
    •Zoos are a tradition, and a visit to a zoo is a wholesome, family activity.
    •Seeing an animal in person is a much more personal and more memorable experience than seeing that animal in a nature documentary.
    •Some would argue that humans have little, if any duty to non-human animals because humans are more important, and if keeping animals in zoos serves any educational or entertainment purposes, we can ethically do it.
    •Zoos help rehabilitate wildlife and take in exotic pets that people no longer want or are no longer able to care for.
    •Both accredited and unaccredited animal exhibitors are regulated by the federal Animal Welfare Act, which establishes standards for care2

  • Animals should be kept in zoos

    Animals should be kept in zoos because if the animals are out of the zoo then they might eat other animals and people. Another reason why animals should be kept i n zoos because some people dont like taking care of animals. A final reason why animals should be kept in zoos because they wont get hunted.

  • Keep them here.

    We will never get to see any animals? What else would we do without a zoo? Zoos also protect animals.
    Then humans will already think animals are extinct. Everything is perfect just the way it is. In the wild other animals will kill. Then all the good animals will be gone.

  • Animals in zoo

    What if a animal is sick and needs help? What if it's habitat was just destroyed and it needs a new home? A zoo try to make the area feel just like the habitat that species would live in. For example, a penguin is given cold air, and water to swim in.

  • Yes, they are safer

    Yes, I believe that we should keep animals in zoos. I feel like animals are safer in the zoos then they are out in the wild. Most zoos give their animals an ample amount of room to roam free in, while being monitored to ensure that they are safe. It also allows children to see and learn about animals that they may not otherwise get to see.

  • Yes, with moderation

    Keeping animals in captivity is a great way to find out about animals and to help endangered species, but if we breed animals, most of them cannot be released back into the wild as they do not have the skills to hunt/forage for food, so we will end up with a stock of animals that cannot be released into the wild, because of this, we have to sell the animals to other zoos which requires us to ship them over great distances which costs great amounts of money and effort. Despite this, animals can still get sick which can result in unfortunate outcomes including loss of money and loss of the beautiful animals that contribute to our world.

    On a more positive note, I am sure most of you have heard about the Tasmanian Devils? If you have not, they are the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world, and the only place they are found in the wild is Tasmania, in Australia. They have been listed as an endangered species since 2008. Anyway, many zoos in Australia are helping breed and protect the Tasmanian Devils, they achieve this by containing several Tasmanian devils and breeding them so if they become extinct in the wild, they will be able to restore the population. This is a great example of the good of keeping animals in captivity.

    Thanks for reading, I hope this helped you in any way at all.

  • I believe we should, as they provide safety and shelter for animals in need.

    I believe that animals deserve the right to be in their natural habitats, but there are also many exceptions to this rule. Especially when zoos and wildlife preserves come into the equation. There are many endangered species out there, and as much as some people hate locking these creatures in cages, it is a practice that will ultimately save those animals. So for the most part, yes, I do agree that we should keep animals in zoos, or at least wildlife preserves.

  • Animals should be in cages

    Many animals benefit greatly from the extra protection that places such as nature reserves and zoos offer. Zoos and nature reserves today are constantly and strictly monitored to make sure the animals are in the best health and happiness. Each enclosure is specially designed for the animal living in it to keep it as close to its natural habitat as possible. This a far cry from the zoos in the past that were cold, concrete cages that provided animals with no enrichment.

    Remember - these animals have been born in captivity. They do not miss "the wild" as they do not know what it is. Letting a captive-bred animal out into the wild would be far more cruel as it wouldn't know how to feed or protect itself from any number of dangers. Some species, without captive breeding, would be long extinct such as Przewalski's horse which no longer exists in the wild. Many species (such as the rhino, panda, wolf, cheetah, leopard, tiger, bacterian camel, many species of birds as a small example), without human protection and conservation would be long extinct. Granted, some of the fault lies in human development and hunting, but other factors include habitats and climates changing too fast for some species to keep up with, limited distribution and disease.

    Being "free" for some species, will ultimately mean "dead".

    Lastly, one must remember that pets such as dogs and cats are kept in captivity, too! The pet dog or cat we have today has been bred to be a companion animal for many thousands of years, so much so that they would not last very long if dumped into the wild. Such companion animals haven't evolved to dodge cars or be wary of roads, and even today many die from being hit by a car or being killed by a bigger wild animal.

  • Animals should not be kept in captivity because their freedom is taken away from them.

    Once animals are taken from the wild and are brought in to zoos, they never go back. Animals must stay there forever, until they die. They don't get to play with their mates and family. They never get the love and company of their fellow species. Just put yourself into an animal's perspective. Imagine you are an animal and were taken from your family. You never get to see them again, and you are forced to entertain humans to their amusement. You suffer from confinement, boredom, and stress. It is bad for animals to be kept in zoos, and it is wrong of people not to get the point that captivity is harmful.

  • No, I disagree.

    I don't think that we should keep animals in zoos because they need to be free and not be kept in cages, and in my opinion the animals in zoos are put in danger. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you like it if you got taken from your habitat and family and got put in a "jail." Even if they are endangered, that doesn't mean you have to take them into a zoo. Sometimes if animals get too stressed they could die because of it. So if you take animals in you might put too much stress on them. In all, I think zoos are interesting but they need to make a lot of changes.

  • Sick form of entertainment

    What do you even get in a zoo? Do all animals get fed every day? Do all animals get shelter? Do all animals get medical care? If you think you can say yes to any of those questions then clearly you are not aware of the current zoo situations in many countries. Take Giza Zoo in Egypt for example. Hundreds of their animals have died due to poor living standards and the fact that the zoo cannot afford medical care for their animals. In 2006 the zoo faced an influenza outbreak that killed the majority of their birds, birds which could’ve lived a much longer not to mention happier life, if they were left outside of zoos, in their natural habitat.

  • They have no obligation to be there and make us know them in person.

    Would you like to be in a cage where you're not with your family and where you don't have your sweet home? Would you? No! Who would? Well that's what's happening to many animals at the zoo and we don't do nothing because we want to see them, meet them, know them better and see their colors and skin. But, it's not their fault we can't fly to see them in their natural habitats, so would you like to be in a cage? That's why many animals are attacking people at zoos, they do that because they're tired; tired of being in a limited place and not being home and free. So, that is my argument.

  • Since humans are animals, why not put them in zoos too?

    Oh, yeah, we do. They're called jails. But I digress. So many of the "yes" arguments are that zoo animals would die in the wild. That is the SAME EXACT argument that was used to not free the Blacks during the days of slavery! Think about that, please. Take as much time as you need.

  • They are also living beings

        There is no denying that zoos have served as both recreational and educational venues for people to see animals firsthand. However, zoos should be closed down if people would like to truly know and protect animals.
        Animals in zoos are not in a natural existence. Many animals have lost their nature to hunt, to capture and even to run. We can often see children outside a lion’s cage, cheering for their first sight on the “king of the animals”, which is lying meekly on the ground like a cat. Even in a “natural habitat” enclosure, animals are still confined and their behavior and habits change. As a result, people are not seeing natural animals in zoos, but merely imprisoned creatures and pets. 

  • We SHOULDNT keep animals in zoos

    For many people, the zoo is a source of childhood amazement and fond memories: swinging monkeys, laughing hyenas and growling tigers. Conservationists say zoos advance their educational and preservationist efforts, but others see zoos as prisons where innocent creatures are unjustly held captive. The next time your child asks you to take them to the zoo, what will your answer be?

  • How would you like it?

    Wouldn't you rather have the animals live a medium to short life in the wild enjoying everything fully and naturally? Rather that missing the wild or never even being able to see it because they were born in captivity! They are called WILD animals for a reason, they are meant to be kept in the wild. Imagine if you had a huge mansion and all the sudden you were stolen from it separated from you family and placed in a foreign environment that is EXTREMELY small. How would you feel?

  • Ill treatment in most zoos

    It is much easier to find a zoo where animals are harassed and abused than to find a zoo which treats its animals with the respect they deserve. Besides humans cannot yet understand, much less simulate, the complicated array of social stimuli and their physiological effects in the wild.
    Magnificent beasts that would ideally roam miles upon miles of terrain, are kept imprisoned in cramped enclosure with a few shrubs and trees. Anyone with any modest degree of empathy should realize that it is not the same thing.
    The mind-numbing conditions in various zoos around the world result in animals starving themselves, contracting diseases (physical and mental) and some of them even resort to self-harm and ultimately dying of infections.
    No amount of human convenience justifies or necessitates suffering like this.

  • Zoos upset the balance of nature

    Animals protected in zoos are away from their family, and are not in the right habitat. Taking animals from their rightful homes upset the ecosystem left behind. Also, think about evolution. If animals are cared for and fed by us, then eventually over time the animals will lose their hunting and living ways.

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Anonymous says2013-04-21T12:28:28.400
Hello i think zoos shouldnt be shut down
Anonymous says2013-05-01T16:48:31.460
I dont think Zoo's should be shut down either but they are treating the animals like crap they are putting them in small cages or glass places to people can watch them and be entertained why would you do that its just messed up
Anonymous says2013-05-02T17:19:15.537
The zoos are mean to animals
Bullish says2013-05-04T02:13:43.277
Ehh. I wouldn't mingd to be in an Alien Sentient zoo as long as they treat me nicely.
Anonymous says2013-05-20T02:03:34.857
I agree. They are taken away from their natural habitat :(
wildwhatwild says2013-06-06T00:59:07.087
Zoo animals are mostly born into captivity difficult to take an animal out of its natural habitat when its never been their..Many other organisations and people infact countless people are more mean to animals than zoos.. Hey iam a good modern zoo i feed and clean and care for my animals give then a naturalistic purpose built enclosure with 24hour care and often support the species in the wild hey thats really mean especially compared to places that skin animals alive exploit them abuse them dont feed them or not care for them at all like in many peoples back yards in every first world county... Hey people get some perspective
Anonymous says2013-09-23T15:27:46.417
I think they die faster out there cuz they kill each other and its not right excipt that the polar bear should stay in the cold weather
humanrox says2014-02-22T08:37:09.637
Animals in the zoos gobble up money that can be used for schools, leisure centers and even hospitals!!! Due to the aging society, country cannot spare money for the beasts anymore!!! We need more health care!! Who would choose to save a brute than your sick grandmother??? Only a dumb would make the wrong choice. I am sure people here are smart enough to understand.
charlotte040304 says2017-05-19T15:25:30.157
charlotte040304 says2017-05-19T17:17:08.593
I believe that we should keep specific animals in zoos and this can save a species from extinction which could be catastrophic for our eco system as well as this it brings education for all generations. Contrary to this not all animals and kept in horrid environments. This is why I believe we need zoos to help keep the world going.
A_DUUUDDDD0 says2018-01-10T19:03:19.470
A DUUUUUUDDDD They should be in zoos they keep them save
A_Person_101 says2018-04-19T15:34:42.753
Ok first of all I am sick and tired of all of you saying the same thing you guys can't literally come up with your own stuff its not a prison or just straight up a cell Some animals like it there and you guys literally think that every single animal hates it there for example the global warming its getting rid of antarctica or the penguins "habitat" It's literally not the humans fault for that and what about natural disasters Tornadoes or hurricanes or anything like that and they get rid of the habitats and everyone just thinks that its "oh its the humans fault for that" You guys are a straight up disgrace for thinking that animals hate it at the zoo at my cities zoo they dont hate it there so you guys are acting like a stereo type for animals at the zoo Because not all animals hate it there its just your dumb mind for thinking that sorry, But its true you guys just think that animals don't like it there but think of the animals that do because they sure in the hell don't want to get hunted.
brianmcn says2019-09-16T22:29:52.617
Animals should only be allowed in their natural habitats.
2e says2020-02-13T15:05:06.097
Yes i believe We schould play fortnite during school. I tottaly agree

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