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  • We need to keep confederant statues

    If we get rid of the statues then we are trying to erase our nations past and to do so would be our nations downfall for if we do not learn from the mistakes of our forefathers then we our doomed to make the same mistakes as them this is my argument

  • Honor their service.

    The war was about more than just slavery. For a long time, The north and south had very different views on a number of topics. It would be like if the predominate democrat states today wanted to separate from the rest. Fact is, The majority of people in the south didn't even own slaves so it's not like that could be the only cause. In the end, They fought bravely for their side but lost.
    In Washington D. C. We have a statue called The Three Soldiers that commemorates the men who fought and died in the Vietnam War. Should we get rid of it too because they lost or do they deserve to be honored?

  • The Statues admire people by signifying their existence, Even if they are dead.

    The statues might as well serve as a giant history book, It unveils the history of who was on this earth and who we significantly cared about.
    The statues also serve for letting us know how important a person was like Martin Luther king jr. He was the one who stopped segregation.

  • We would just repeat it if we didn't.

    If we removed the statues and all of the facts from history books then its going to repeat. But like fashion or trends they come back. Maybe the world will end before then but if we do remove the statues and it happens we won't have anything to look back on like; who were the heroes and who was the enemy? So how could we solve the problems again when they happen. We might think that "oh, That we so horrible that it could never happen again" but here's the thing it will maybe not soon but it will. I understand that it was a dark history and it was horrible. But the event happened almost 160 years ago. If we accept it as a part of history and don't make a main focus in our life the results might be beneficial instead if tragic.

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  • We need to keep confederant statues

    If we get rid of the statues then we are trying to erase our nations past and to do so would be our nations downfall for if we do not learn from the mistakes of our forefathers then we our doomed to make the same mistakes as them this is my argument

  • We don't need slavery to still remember that it was part of our history.

    Taking down confederate statues does not "erase our history. " Like the confederate flag, These statues stand for nothing good. The South fought to keep their system of slavery in place, And these statues were put up originally to honor Southern leaders who believed in it. How would you feel if you were persecuted for being Jewish during the Holocaust and there were still swastikas displayed and glorified everywhere?

  • It's a dark past + removing wouldn't constitute historical erasure.

    A good analogy is this: would you support Germany putting up statues of Hitler? It's their history - but it's a dark one. In the same fashion, Most confederate statues represent horrible things that happened in their past - it's literally representing another COUNTRY that tried to BREAK AWAY FROM AMERICA/THE UNION to support SLAVERY. Historical erasure isn't the issue - the civil war is one of the most well-documented events of American history, But should we be celebrating those on the opposing side that also supported slavery?

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