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  • Yes yes yes!

    Homophobes are evil and should be stripped of their right to free speech. Homophobia is wrong. In a just world, People wouldn't even be allowed to think that way! Discrimination as a whole should be banned. G h hd j sg uuf hgjfd kgh jf hg j g f g

  • It is a Mental Illness

    All gay "marriage" does is glorify homosexuality and help gay people show off. Scientifically, We are made to be straight. Being gay, Whether you like it or not, Is a mental illness, Because a person is not the way nature intended them to be. It is not real love, Only the mental illness making you think it is. Marriage is between a man and a woman, And always has been, For good reason. It isn't discrimination. It's common sense. There is no reason for gay people to marry other than for them to show off. Marriage is for true love, Which homosexuality can never be.

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