• Theres no point to killing someone.

    Killing someone should be a very very very last resort. If you have a convict that is a real risk to the country, Then sure. However, If you have someone that's even killed someone, Its unethical to kill them. There's no reason you should. People have a right to life and to take that away is criminal. It's not like they'll be continuing to commit crimes in prison, And if they do pose a genuine risk, Then the death penalty makes sense. However, In most cases, Its uneeded.

  • Death is permanent.

    If someone does something horrid how can they pay for the things they've done if they're dead? Plus, What if they're innocent and we put them to death? Death isn't a thing you can take back, Like getting out of jail. Death is forever. Death is the wrong way to go in my opinion.

  • What if we get the wrong one?

    As the headline says, What if we get the wrong one? There is a chance that the "suspect" is actually innocent. And then what? After years later we get news of the real suspect living the dream of not being caught? My point is, We should first make sure the system or whatever your country has, 100% sure that the suspect IS the suspect.

    //sorry for wrong grammar.

  • Its humiliating humanity,

    People that is innocent sometimes got sent to jail when it come to the death row. They don't deserve that or course but usually when death row criminal just know what they shouldnt do or what they should do. Like a sense of justification to them when its come to their own death.

  • What does it teach the killers if we kill them?

    No person deserves to die. We tell murderers that killing is bad, But then we take the role of the murderer ourselves. It is a non-sense policy.

    Not only that, But there is a high chance of them killing an innocent person.

    The law has become too powerful. It is time to force them to back down.

    Laws are inherently racist, Classist, And try to punish the minority in all instances.

    The death penalty is a glorified genocide.

  • We get the wrong people

    According to a study from the National Academy of sciences, They found that 4. 1% of people currently on death row are innocent. This alone is enough for me to be against it, Because human error will always be a factor in the criminal justice system. I am not in favor of killing innocent people. Also factor in that life in prison is cheaper fiscally than executions

  • No, It’s not hypocritical.

    It’s an eye for an eye. It’s like murder and it’s wrong. I don’t think that it should be hypocritical or that it is even hypocritical to kill a person who killed others. We are just taking away their life too. . . And that’s wrong. . . I believe that this is wrong and I don’t like it

  • Can't escape from death

    It's simple, You can escape from jail, From a courtroom, From a county jail, But you can't escape from the chair.

    It inspires fear to violent criminals, Some countries execute drug dealers and corrupt officials (politicians, Police officers, Etc)

    It seems too harsh? Should've thought better when you murdered that couple a few years back, Have a nice trip.

  • `moral` authority and the State

    If, As i do, You accept that all human life is sacrosanct. Then the State has no moral right to take it. There will be those who will give statistical `evidence` for pro and those who say no, All based on hard facts. Life is not a number, But real and precious, Too precious to be `done` away.

  • They deserve to die for their crimes!

    After doing what they have done, If it meets the requirements for the death penalty as they have done a serious enough crime, They should die. Why you should we pay for their meals, Clothing, Healthcare. Their life. Out tax payers money is being spent on criminals. We pay for them over their entire sentence. Why should we? If they are killed, We won't have to. And even though there is no evidence behind it stopping others from comitting a crime, I believe it would stop some as they would consider the consequences and stop.

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