• Lawyers benefit from marriages

    Virtually all animals are non-monogamous. Humans have only been monogamous due to certain religions.
    Most marriages end in costly divorces which benefit no one but the lawyers.
    People should be sexually free to explore with who ever they want. I don't see the point of being limited to just one partner. Most kids today grow up in broken families and have seen their parents romance multiple partners any way.

  • Marriage is a waste

    Most marriages fall apart, And those that remain do so because of social taboos and financial difficulties and children. Cheating has always happened, And now that society is more transparent than ever, There shouldn't be a need to hide it, But to accept that people are sexually attracted to more than one person.

  • Porque no los dos?

    I personally think polyamory is kind of sad for those involved, But if it makes them happy go for it! However, I cannot see why the two are mutually exclusive. If someone wants to be polyamorous, Be polyamorous. If someone wants to be married, Cool. If someone wants to be married AND polyamorous and everyone involved is alright with it, Great! But "scrapping" one for the other? Just doesn't make any logical sense to me why that would be necessary. IF you are asking if you personally should scrap your marriage for polyamory, I'd say that's a personal decision and I don't have enough information to offer advice. Take care!

  • Polygamy doesn't work

    Two men fighting for a single women will end with both or one leaving. Even women will become jealous or frustrated of sharing a man.
    Sister wives and multiple husbands do not work.

    And before you tell me about Mormon communities as the ideal those are cults. Child abuse is rampant and women are forced to stay there. They literally have to run away at night and leave with nothing to escape their lives. I would rather be divorcee than to be forced to share my partner with multiple slimy people.

  • No people are just bad partners and or picked bad people

    Marriage is a very serious decision its not deciding what clothes to wear. Its about being with someone 24/7.
    That hot young girl could live like a pig and she can be ugly without makeup and she could be a nagger. Or expect you to follow her every whim.
    That strong hot man can be a jealous abusive man with a temper and a womanizer and be lazy.
    You could have picked a horrible person. And most people do not change. If he beats you, He will keep beating you. Only life changing moments can change a person and let me tell you 2 hour therapy sessions will not work.

    You get what you get. If you picked a gold digger or some drunk in bar then do not act surprised if they leave.

    Expectations. People get old and some age badly. If they only like your body they will leave you for a hotter younger person. Pick someone who is not so shallow and who likes you for who you are. If they can only talk about your looks they will dump you.

    Too many people jump at the first person. They are afraid of living alone and they will marry the first person who proposes.

    Marriages are failing because people are becoming more selfish and too demanding and too shortsighted.

    This is what the girls want. A 6+ foot tall man with abs who is funny and who dresses nice and has a job.
    Men want a slim girl with either a nice round bottom or a set of large twins and a decent face.
    But they do not ask they fail to understand sacrifice and commitment.

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