• Unfairness and stress for models

    If we set a minimum BMI for models, It will firstly be very unfair for models. They will feel it is very discriminating for them and will have pressure to take out their weight. Secondly, They will gain huge stress. With the pressure that they are fat they will get a huge amount of stress.

  • BMI is unreliable and dangerous

    It just measures your weight to your height. It was made by a small group of people, And does not consider the variety of all humans.

    A strong muscle bound man will be considered overweight. A girl with naturally big assets will called fat. There are people with denser bones who have little fat and they are labeled as obese.
    You are just going to make people worse and underweight, To conform to an unreliable and outdated graph.

    There was this girl that was the fastest runner of America. She was recruited by nike and would be trained by them. They were all people who new nothing and told her that she was too fat. They made her lose weight and she become sick and developed mental and physical problems and missed her periods. Instead of becoming stronger and faster she became weaker and slower.

    It always overweight people or dumb people that do not know anything that force models and athletes to weigh less. Enjoy your organ failure.

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