• It is harmful to everything

    Plastic gets its way into everything.
    Including water, Animal digestive systems and ours.
    It poisons is and the animals. Many animals during from injesting too much plastic. The scenes from this are truly heartbreaking and it stops now. They mistake it for food and give it to their young.
    It builds up as gargantuan islands in the middle of our oceans and seas. In floods it can completely take over villages.
    The way it is disposed of is shameful. It is burned and dumped. It can lead to sever health problems and wasted space. It is estimated that only around one third of our recycling is actually resolved and the rest dumped. This is shameful. And it is inhumane. It's not like we can't use reusable stuff or even the alternatives. Some of which are edible. I know it is an essential basically but come on people, This is rediculus.

  • Plastic is one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century

    People who attack plastic don't realize how much worse the world would be without it. To give just one example, Single-use plastics are essential in medical equipment to avoid the spread of blood-borne diseases.

    Yes, Plastic causes harms, But these harms are not that significant in the grand scheme of things. Even put into environmental terms, Pacific Garbage patch, The ruined beaches, And the poisoned fish don't compare in magnitude to the climate change that would be caused by the vastly higher carbon footprint of alternative materials to plastic.

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