• We should tell lies.

    A world without lies is no world at all. Lies are needed in many cases to avoid unwanted outcomes. Lies spare you or others pain. For example, A young child's mother has cancer. Does she tell her kid son/ daughter that she has cancer and she is going to die soon? No, The child should be told when they are older. Or what about people who have done bad things in the past but want to try and live a good honest life? Does a murderer tell every person he meets that he was part of a big gang and killed a lot of people?

  • Lying is apart of us

    People say lying is bad and don't get me wrong it can be. But most of the time we lie its either because we trying to protect something or someone. Lying can't always feel like the right thing to do but in order to meet the exaptation's of others it might be something you have to do

  • It Prevents People from being hurt

    It can stop people from getting hurt when they don't need to be, It can be beneficial to tell someone what they want to hear instead of the actual truth. I doubt anyone would want to be told the truth about everything they ask, Sometimes the truth hurts and sometimes it just isn't the thing we need to hear

  • It prevents damage

    There are some lies which cause more damage than necessary, But some lies prevent a lot of damage. The difference of the type of a lie usually comes down to its purpose or intent. Think about if a young child’s grandma is sick in the hospital and he/she asks what is happening to them. You’d probably tell them “she isn’t feeling well” instead of she is near death. Lying to spare other harm or pain should can show a high level of empathy and should be sometimes even encouraged. Lying to bolster your own self image or related lies should be discouraged, But in the end, Sometimes the scenario is more complicated than whether or not lies should simply be allowed or not.

  • Let's play poker.

    Tho people should be accountable for any harm they do to others, There are also times when the best thing to do is lie like when your asked to describe your mother-in-law in front of your spouse, When shown baby pictures that look more like Jabba the Hutt, Or when the truth will just cause panic. Look at the nuclear war propaganda from during the cold war. People actually believed that you could survive a nuclear blast if you hid under your desk or blanket. What would have happened if the nation knew the truth?

  • No absolutely not

    No because lying is bad and it's not the truth which means it's made up
    which means it isn't real.

    If what you say isn't real then:
    bye bye credibility
    bye bye safety
    bye bye love
    bye bye relationship
    bye bye reality
    hello fantasy
    hello depression
    hello sad, Pathetic, Meaningless existence.

  • We should not tell lies.

    If we tell lies we can get in trouble for it and it will effect our lifestyle. If you lie to your friends they might not like you anymore and you are sad that you have no friends. If we tell lies we can get in trouble for it and will

  • Lying is like violence; it should only be used unless absolutely necessary.

    The truth is (almost) always preferable to a fake reality. I, And many other people, Would rather believe an unwelcome truth than a nice lie, Since truth is the only value that reality has - falsehoods (which lies are) have no contribution to exploring the truths of reality, Which as humans should be our main goal. After all, That which is true to reality is all that has practical application, And that which is not true has no application or value to reality, And quite often acts as a setback.

  • No more LIES!

    I believe we should always tell the truth no matter how hard. I am a strong believer that the truth will always come out in the end, Even if you lie - so why waste time protecting someone from something they need to know! Our lies cause more hurt that the truth itself.

    Miss F

  • Should we tell lies

    Lies appear sweet and attractive which is the reason why many are fond of using them. Lies attract short term and instant friends which otherwise honest people would find hard to attain. These should never be used if one independent and self confident. Truth seldom could be most understood for opinion when every human being can have their own opinion on topics. Let the opinions flow with no lies and let there be acknowledgement of all opinions with self respect amongst each other.

  • WE should not tell lies.

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