• Yes, Absolutely! Why? Because I am totally in favor of this topic. Anyway, I'll tell you all about it here!

    First of all, I think all of us should start looking and strategically plan for the future. Due to issues such as climate change/global warming, The potential risk of nuclear or chemical or biological or world wars, Over-population, Weapons of mass destruction, Are some of the many threats facing humanity and the world right now.

    I do fancy the idea of space exploration and innovation. I think we should quickly begin carrying out investigations on Martian soil ASAP. The advancement and survival of humanity determine and shape the destiny of the next generations. We are the ones that are responsible for the continuation of human civilization. I think we will be able to achieve this within the next millennium.

    I think that from the moment we are born into this world, The word "discovery" plays a tremendous role in our development and all of our lives, As human beings. And we should continue this movement moving forward onto the future. We can't afford to just stay put in one place and not move on. That won't get us anywhere. We need to be visionary. Maybe that is why I am a BIG supporter of Elon Musk.

    I have a feeling that we actually might be able to start a colony on Mars within this century. Our technology/machinery keeps on developing year by year. We already have the great ISS (aka International Space Station) floating above Planet Earth, Which is already a very big accomplishment, Let me tell you. Plus, Human brains improve, We're getting smarter every single day, Whether you see it or not.

    And by the way, If we successfully send people up to Mars, All of us need to have an eco-friendly mindset when we build the colony. We don't want Mars to end up like Earth. Earth has already suffered greatly when it comes to our factories producing large amounts of CO2 or mining coals etc. We need to make sure that we build the colony out from organic building materials.

    Mars already has some of the natural resources that humans need to survive. NASA claimed that ice exists on mars, Along with flowing water. There is also a good quantity of vapor in Mars's atmosphere. With the help of our great engineers, Scientists, Biotechnologists etc. , They will be able to figure things out in a heartbeat!

  • We should not only send them, But forcefully send them.

    Look, People aren't going to do crazy stuff like go to mars outta their own free will. We need to force them there, So they can learn to adapt to the environment based on necessity to survive. Kinda like a survival TV show, But on mars! I'm sorry, But that would be the coolest thing to ever happen to humanity. We could even do it hunger games style and put an Elon Musk cybertruck inspired cornucopia there. But I'm getting ahead of myself, We need to forcefully transport people there first.

  • Yes unless they are afraid of heights

    So mars has lower gravity so people could jump higher and sprint faster on mars if they transformed mars to be live able like earth with terraforming giving mars a breathable atmosphere with factories on mars producing it and then bringing plants to mars that would spread across the planet.

  • Mars would provide an endless opportunity for humanity.

    Mars could be a space station, A military outpost, Anything. Humanity could burn carbon dioxide endlessly because mars has no magnetisphere. THe mining oppurtunity would also prove to provide a great economic and materialistic oppurtinity. All in all humans are great, Mars is better. And you can eat ice cream on mars.

  • Way too much work for so little benefit

    It would take a lot of money and resources to colonize Mars, And other than a few small advances to be gained from Mars, There isn't a lot of long-term benefits to living there. Even if we successfully colonized Mars, There wouldn't be much benefit to do so other than satisfying our curiosity and sense of discovery. There aren't as many resources on Mars than on Earth, The air isn't breathable on Mars, And there isn't some spectacular reason for going there either. Earth is far better by comparison. Who would want to leave? Just build prisons on Mars and send prisoners there for jailtime. That'd be a great use of the space. Or maybe as a landfill site. That way Earth would be free of trash. Just leave it on Mars where we couldn't survive that well anyhow. I know that sounds harsh, But come on; we do it to our own planet. Why not put the criminals and trash somewhere else where the prisoners can enter reformation programs until they can come back to Earth and be better citizens. And all the garbage could stay on Mars instead of Earth. Free up our own planet instead of fantasizing about Mars where we can't even breathe.

  • Who would want to go to Mars? It's Suicidal

    We live in fear almost every day transporting people to Mars is dangerous. If you think living on Earth is bad living on Mars will be even worse. Research says that the physical effect of living on Mars is "The difference in gravity would negatively affect human health by weakening bones and muscles. There is also the risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular problems. " That's a risk you have to take if you move to Mars. What will we eat research also tells us that "plants and animals generally cannot survive the ambient conditions present on the surface of Mars. ". I'm not saying you can't go. I'm just saying it's suicide going to a place that does not have water, Animals, And plant. Sorry :(!

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