• Literature and art are way better than Science.

    Honestly speaking, science is BORING! First of all, if you look deep into the subject of literature, it helps you to think as well as analyze and allows you to ask questions whereas in science there is more of learning the text by heart and of course understanding it. Secondly, art is all about creativity and imagination whereas in science it is like reading history except science doesn't include cave men or the dark ages, it includes stuff about atoms and elements and also about the human body.

  • Literature gives us imagination & idea before we materialize it

    Well, we all know that Jules Verne's fiction Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea presented years before the submarine came into life by science. And was it human's dream to fly that motivated inventors to create airballons & airplane?

    And we haven't noticed that arts & science can exist harmoniously in the embodiment of Leonardo da Vinci. His love for painting & scientific mind both helped him materialize his scientific dreams. So, literature & arts feed your mind with imagination & ideas so that it can grow and make great things.

  • Science is cool too, but art inspires.

    Art is an inspiration. It teaches, it gives, we love. Everyone loves the arts. One can inspire the other. Sure most people say that they should be valued equally. But where would our world be without the arts? It would be a lame world with nothing to do. Science can be involved with the arts. So you need both to live on. But seeing others build something inspires us, science also inspires. Everything could inspire. So live life at the fullest and continue on without a worry. :)

  • Literature is a way to express ones inner potential

    Science this is more of a formula or book knowledge, But literature is a way to express ones inner potential, Our thoughts are remained in our heads but without valuing literature people won’t be able to express them and achieve great things for the upcoming society and fast grasping world.

  • Literature is a way to express an individuals inner self

    Science is more of a formula or book knowledge, But literature is a way to express ones inner potential, Our thoughts are remained in our heads but without valuing literature people won’t be able to express them and achieve great things, For the upcoming future waiting to have bright concepts. So we need to value literature more that science.

  • Literature is way better

    In the fictional novel ‘20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea’ by Jules Verne (published in 1870) the submarine The Nautilus is home to Captain Nemo and his crew. It is capable of extensive underwater voyages. It is powered using materials extracted from seawater and uses floodable tanks to control its depth. The first submarine that was capable of prolonged submersions was not built until 1954, More than 80 years after the publication of Verne's novel. This US Navy submarine was named Nautilus in honour of the vessel that sailed through the imaginations of so many inventors and the inspiration of submarines that we know today. .

    Since 140 A. D earth was believed to be at the centre of the solar system. The science of the time agreed with this theory. But as time went on faults were found with it. In 1543 the theory of heliocentrism, Was proposed and eventually accepted. The previous geocentric theory, Which was the basis for half a millennium of scientific work and discoveries, Was discovered to be wrong, And therefore all the scientific theory connected to it unsubstantial. . That theory was called truth of the universe when it was discovered, But now is no longer accepted, Faded out of existence except in history class. There are hundreds of pieces of ancient literature still relevant and being used today. Nelson Mandela said ‘Shakespeare seems to always have said something to us’. Mandela kept a volume of Shakespeare by his bedside for over 20 years in captivity and read from it to sustain him during his darkest hours. Every generation continues to learn from his mastery of language, Plots and the discussion of social issues that are timeless, Still in need of being addressed today as much as in the 16th century. His unforgettable phrase-making recurs on the lips of millions who do not even realise they are quoting Shakespeare. His work is a mirror on which we can reflect themes of love and hate, War and peace, Freedom and tyranny, Identity and prejudice. The example of Shakespeare is one that shows us the relationship between literature and understanding the human race throughout history. Without the presence of literature we would have no accurate record of the past to reflect our complex society today.

    The geocentric theory was just one of many scientific theories that couldn’t stand the course of time. But literature from hundreds and thousands of years ago is still relevant with timeless subject matters that still impact our everyday life. This will continue to be the case for hundreds and thousands of years more. And without literature, Science would lose its inspiration, Its ideas and foundations. .

  • We need literature in the world

    Without literature and only science, There is no world. Literature is everything from forms of expression to talking, Writing, Reading, Movies, Everything. Without literature, We would NOT have a world. We make up literature and literature makes up the world. We wouldnt be able to express our feelings at all and the world would burst, It would be boring with no sound and no emotions. We have to understand the power of literature as it is the basis of all communications this Earth has. Literature is what binds the world together. It is what we all have in common. We would be bored to death if we only had science and no literature. OUR WORLD NEEDS LITERATURE

  • Literature is way better

    Without literature, People wouldn't be able to read, Write or spell which is why it is so much more necessary than science. In science you just have to do boring stuff, Don't get me wrong occasionally it can be fun when we get to do an experiment but then we have to write like a paragraph about the experiment and what we learned and all that boring stuff.

  • Literature is important

    Literature is the bases for anything. To learn science you need literature. Reading and writing reports wasn't something you learn in science. Yes science changes the world, But it can also harm it. Creating things such as a nuclear bomb could wipe out the whole of humanity, But just reading a single book couldn't harm a fly?

  • Literature is used in a person's everyday life

    Whilst in the long run science can get a larger variety of jobs then literature. Understanding of literature is a requirement to take any university course so it won’t matter if you are getting top marks in science unless you have knowledge In literature, You cannot get a degree and if you can’t get a degree your options for a job in the future are severely limited. Literature IS very important in a person's everyday life
    And I doubt you can learn much science without literature.

  • THAT IS So IDIOTIC to even think about

    Science is not boring and it deals with reality and making our brains work. Literature is piece of art who can be done by anyone. Science gives us idea about everything.Literature cannot teach you anything about life, its only when you step outside you get to learn and feel things.You cant learn everything about Love from reading Romeo and Juliet. Science is the truth.Literature is stupid.

  • No, Science is important than literature.

    Science is important than literature. Science is very exciting. Literature is boring. Literature can't teach about real life. Science gives us ideas about everything. It is very relative to our life. We can't live without science. But we can live without literature. Literature is junk. Science is the truth that everybody can believe.

  • Science in further carrier

    Science can be used and found in our daily life. Biology and physics helps people know how the world works. Especially for biology, you can learn things inside your bodies or things about your pet. Therefore, science is much more important than literature. This is the end yay yay yay!

  • World needs its future

    From Caveman to Spaceman we have come a long way. And the medium of transport was Science. Literature is for our mental satisfaction. It fulfills our mental and emotional needs. But Science fulfills our basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. Without it our daily life will become impossible and obviously our present and future is based on scientific technologies.

  • No, science is more important then literature.

    In my opinion, literature is more of an art then science. Science has solved some of the most important issues in the world. Literature is something we should value and encourage, but it is nothing as great or important as science. Science is vital to life and our own existence today.

  • They can be equal.

    The sciences and the Arts should be equally important to everyone. They show our ability to gain and use concepts to enrich our lives and our knowledge base. In fact these subjects could go hand in hand with each other rather that be in opposition like we have placed them today.

  • They should be valued equally.

    Both science and literature should be valued equally. If anything, science should be valued more, but definitely not less than literature. We are in a constantly developing world and valuing and appreciating science is the only way to advance. Literature definitely has its place in this world, but it should not exceed that of science's place.

  • No, literature is important but science can help save the world.

    We should not value literature more than science because science has enabled mankind to reach the moon! The Dark Ages and religion in general, has set us back hundreds of years in the science category. In recent years, however, we have found cures for diseases, information about other galaxies and learned more about our bodies and minds. Literature is great and will take our imaginations to new places but science will help us live longer and take us to new planets.

  • STEM is our future

    Whilst literature can be inspiring and beautiful there is no doubt about it that science, And more specifically STEM is the way our world is headed. We must invest more funding in to making science more accessible and friendly for everyone to learn about this rapidly evolving world we live in.

  • Idk why i am

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    Healthy sugars (canteen should complement the teaching in classes) (fruit and vegetables)
    Dental problems, Bad for brain function (lazy, Grumpy, Short energy boosts) (lethargic, Makes you feel tired, Lose focus in class, Enjoy school less, Affect behaviour, Sugar rush), Heart disease, Bone health, Prevent bad habits,
    Health Problems

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Davis677 says2019-04-04T19:25:21.337
What people fail to realize is that the artist and the scientist both do totally different things.
The scientist observes the outside world.
The literary author observes himself.
While scientific studies and theories changes throughout time, The novelist focuses on permanent life struggles such as death. Literary works that are 1000 years old are still valuable to this day, Unlike a lot of scientific theories, Such as flat earth. (I am on the side of literature as you can imagine)
But, Science cannot be denied. In this day and age, In this very technological world that we live in, It is understandable that society's priority is science

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