Should women's clothing be more skimpy, Or should they dress more modestly?

  • Modesty is Honesty

    A man who rapes a woman is at fault, But that doesn't mean a woman is always free of blame. If a sober woman was walking alone to her car after work and a rapist comes at her out of nowhere, She couldn't do anything to prevent that. But if a woman goes to a party wearing risqué clothes, Lets herself get drunk/high, And has no one looking out for her at the party, She is putting herself in the prime position to be victimized by a rapist. The more skimpy your clothes, The easier it is for a man to feel attracted to a woman, And the more skin you have showing, The easier it is for a man to undress you with his eyes. Even for men who don't have ill intentions towards a woman or who do not wish to view her in a sexual context, It forces them to endure temptation, And it is not fair to expect men not to feel desire for a woman who dresses like she's asking for something sexual. And if a man is married and trying to remain devoted to his wife, It is inappropriate for another woman to dress risqué around that man, Since it may make him have thoughts that would betray his wife, And this is also disrespectful to the man's wife for tempting her husband. A woman should only dress risqué for her husband, And he for her. A man should not dress inappropriately around women if he has a wife, Nor should he tempt women by dressing suggestively. It goes both ways. The primary difference is that women are more at risk of rape and can't always resist it. If a man doesn't want to have sex with a woman, He can just get up and leave. It's not always the case for a woman, Since she may have trouble if the man doesn't allow her to leave. A woman should never let herself be left alone with a man she doesn't want sex with, And she should never let herself become drunk or high at a party or around men. She should wear modest clothing that doesn't show her cleavage, Thighs, Or buttocks. Said clothing should not be skin-tight or enhancing every contour of her body. You can be modest, Comfortable, And fashionable at the same time without inadvertently making yourself a walking strip club ad. The more modest you dress, The less of a target you are for men. You won't be tempting uninterested men, Offending women who have a man, Or appearing slutty if you dress modestly.

  • Women’s clothing should be modest.

    Women’s clothing should be completely modest and respectful. Nobody looks at a woman wearing next to nothing and thinks she is a self respecting, Intelligent, And classy woman.

    Nowadays so many girls go out basically naked it’s so bad.
    I understand people will wear what they wish, But it should be respectful otherwise men will treat you like a slut if you look easy.

  • They should dress however they want

    No one should be told how to dress and they should have the freedom to wear whatever without being told what they are wearing is distracting others. This is a free country where people have freedom of expression, And not a sexist one where women deserve to be raped unless they are wearing burkas. However, Don't let in any muslims just so it can stay that way :)

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