Should you be taxed based on your level of income?

Asked by: lydiapiller
  • Tax based on levels is more effective and socially realistic.

    If you make all the people pay the exact or roughly the same amount of tax, Some just simply physically can't pay that many or the same amount others wealthier than them.
    If everyone should pay the same tax, Then there should also be a system that allows everyone to shares the same salary. Obviously that 's not likely to be achieved since we all know a simple fact that people with greater capacity. These people should also undertake more responsibility for society and pay back the country which has been taking good care of all its citizens.
    Additionally, People who don't work at all will suffer physically and eventually. All the tax you pay for the nation to create a safer and better environment is not going to be wasted on these people.

  • Your not just wrong, Your ignorant

    The amount of money jeff bezos makes is stupid. And the amount he pays in taxes is insane he pays 0% in taxes
    How much do you pay 25% 30%

    Do you know why you pay so much in taxes?
    People like bezos who milked the system and do not give back. A few millions are nothing to him and yet he refuses to give even a single dollar. Its not like he should a 50% tax, A 15% to 30% tax is a modest amount

    I think you must be some sort of masochist because you like to get wrecked by rich people. Why don't you buy jeff bezos some lunch because he likes a free lunch.

  • No, You Shouldn't.

    It is unfair to base taxes on the level of income a person is making. If someone works hard throughout their whole life to get money, They are entitled to their own labor, Just as you are entitled to the money that you work for. How is it fair if money is being taken from hard-working people with high levels of income to be given to people who don't work at all.

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