• Reli. . . Um wha?

    Of course you should take your kids to see Santa. Why wouldn't you? If they don't like Santa like some kids don't, Then you shouldn't take them to see him. No S***. But other than that, You should definitely take them to see Santa. For them, Christmas is all about saint Nick, And the presents "he brings them". It will create a little bit of happiness in their hearts to meet the big man.
    Also, Most Santas at the shopping mall are created to help charity or some foundation. It allows other children. . Orphaned or in hospital, To enjoy christmas just that little bit more.
    But as previously stated, If your kid doesn't like Santa, Don't force them to. If you don't know if they do or don't its worth a try. You can always take your kid away from santa's lap at whenever he/she/it(2018) starts crying. But you'll never know if he/she/it(2018) will start crying without a try.
    Think about it.

  • I Do not think you should take your kids to see Santa

    I do not think you should take your kids to see Santa. Just because you liked Santa does not mean your kids will. Would it be worth it to take your kids to see Santa if it results in your kids crying and screaming on Santas lap. Think about it.

    Posted by: Reli
  • It's encouraging a lie that'll be over within 5-6 years.

    It's just encouraging a lie and spending more money over something they'll be over with in a few years. This is unnecessary, As it's lying about an old guy who breaks into your house, Leaves stuff that he knows you like, And then eats your cookies and sneaks out during the break of dawn. Taking your kids to see Santa is plain stupid.

  • They are going to learn a lie!

    Some people know that Santa is not real, And when you tell your kids that he is real than they will be living a lie. That is when you tell them. When I learned I cried for 1 full hour. Do you want to do that to your kids. No I don't.

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