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  • young people should be encouraged to buy homes

    Most young people out there working and making a good living, mostly prefer to rent an apartment, they mostly see buying a house as a huge responsibility. The fact is if most young people go out to buy their home early enough, they will be happy home owners with no debt in probably 10 to 20 years. Why wait until you are a bit old to achieve that? Why lavish your money on rent or expensive cars? When you can buy a home now and be proud home owner and debt free, when your mates are just starting out or half way through with their mortgage payments.

  • it a great idea

    Yes, they should! It is a great investment idea, and cheaper than renting ( in the long run anyway) I think it is a very wise idea to buy a home early on in life so you can start building your life vs just renting property from other people all the time

  • Yes, younger people buying homes would increase our economy.

    Yes, younger people should try to buy homes because without it the housing market will continue to decrease. I believe it's because the older generations give a sour taste into young peoples mouth when it comes to purchasing a house. They should only do it if they're financially stable and can afford the cost that comes with it.

  • No, young people should remain flexible in their living situation.

    Many young people today, fresh out of high school or college, struggle to immediately find their niche in the world. Saddling themselves with a long-term home mortgage at this point in their lives cuts off opportunities for exploration and growth. If the young people are tied to a determined location due to their commitment to home ownership, they may be less likely to be willing to relocate to pursue their dream jobs or to connect with significant others.

  • Mortgages are expensive

    My advice is to get an apartment, be frugal about your spending habits, always keep a regular budget, and save your money. Save your money and wait until you can afford to just pay for the house without a mortgage. Don't go into debt if you don't need to. What's so great about having a giant house anyways? It's nice but it's not a need. A simple apartment provides all you need. Wait and save your money and you will be able to enjoy a better lifestyle than if you go into debt.

  • What is wrong with you?!?!?!

    Lots of people buy a house before they have enough money to live there for a nice amount of time. I think that they should rent an apartment, or go to a cheap place where they can get started with each other. Though you "yes" people think that it is good, I must disagree.

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