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  • Yeah i guess so

    Zoos help protect endangered animals. Animals protect the nature environment. Without zoos they would need more conservation land for wild animals if they wanted to protect the environment. Also animals use more food resources in nature than in a zoo. With animals in a zoo they can have more animals.

  • Rather attend an accomplished zoo than an incompetent one

    If I am visiting a zoo, I prefer to visit one that is proficient and professionally put together as opposed to one that is less adept. I suppose that some up and coming or more rustic zoos have their own appeal, But I personally would prefer to attend one that is accomplished.

  • You Mean ABOLISHED, Oppenheimer

    I believe zoos should be staffed by competent, Licensed, Bonded workers. I believe they should employ a pleasing architectural style, Meaning something circa 100 years ago, Through roughly postwar. I believe they should be as clean as these dirty, Filthy animals we're all trying to enjoy will permit, And that the surrounding grounds should contain much greenery, With great, Deciduous trees and wide walkways for families. I believe there should be fatty, Sugary snacks sold at affordable prices, And that music just two clicks below feedback level, Should play on loudspeakers set high, Upon poles. I believe these zoos should be so accomplished in their aesthetics, They would drown the angry voices of the disempowered who oppose them. And I believe they. . . And circuses, And epicurean dinners, Should stand immutable, Impenetrable, For all time. . .

    Oh. And that Charles Darwin would be written out of the history books. There's only us and things we eat. Grow up, And be strong.

  • I strongly believe that zoos should not be accomplished as catching animals in the wild will affect the food chain.

    According to a study, 70% of animals in European zoos are caught from the wild. This is affecting the food chain! Besides, Many animals will lose their parents if humans keep catching animals and put them in the zoos for children and adults’ education. If baby animals lost their parents, They will die easily as they don’t have the ability to look after themselves.

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