• Zoos should be banned.

    A rhino died a few weeks ago at a zoo and the zookeepers don't cause they get a new one. I want to do something about this because I don't like it and it doesn't make sense. We should make zoos into care centers because we could put hurt animals in there and let them free when their better.

  • Yes they should be.

    Animals are taken from he wild. Animals live in cages. They should be band because, an investigator filmed sick animals. Left dead animals to rot on the zoo floor. There is not enough room for the animals in the zoos. The animals suffer in zoos (not enough food). So sad.

  • Yes, zoos should be banned

    Zoos should be banned because zoos could harm animals. You never know if a zoo is a harmful one or a helpful one. Animals could also get zoochoisis. A type of disease that will harm animals because they have stayed in zoos for a long time. Animals get crazy and they create un natural things on their body.

  • Zoos are just prisons for animals

    The zoo is an outdated concept, it commoditizes animals for entertainment. Zoos do not educate our children, nor do they protect our environment, but they are cruel institutions for the animals imprisoned within them. At this moment, in our human history, do we want to pour concrete over native grasses, and build enclosures for wild creatures, or do we want to think innovatively, and protect what little remains of our real California, our heritage for future generations.


  • So that animals gonna have freedom

    God made us equally we should respect it , and so as the animals for me let us rally to banned the zoo so that the animals could have freedom and happiness. They have their own life and we should respect it. We should not prison them in the zoo because that causes them to be wild.

  • Yes they should be banned.

    Animals in zoos do not have a choice to be there, they are usually either captured or breed into the system. All animals should be allowed to roam free so if the animal is able to take care of themselves they should be freed and only animals who need help should be held in a zoo until they are capable of surviving on their own.

  • Zoos be should banned.

    Zoos are inhumane and should be banned. It is unnatural to keep wild animals caged simply for people's amusement. It is especially cruel to keep animals suck as hawks or cheetahs in cages because they like to roam and wander in their natural habitats. People can experience nature from movies and the Internet, and they do not need zoos.

  • Their Natural Habitat

    Animals are mostly forced to be in zoos, just for peoples entertainment, it is unfair that the animals have to stay in captivity while they probably much prefer their natural habitat and in the wild then having to stay in one place and not being able to roam around for example birds.

  • Zoos be banned!!!

    Zoos does not provide enough space for animals. They are shut in a small cage.
    Zoos kill surplus animals. 7,500 to 20,000 animals are killed at once in European zoos.
    Finally, zoos does not educate the visitors. Do you see a explanation in signs of zoos?
    Zoos should be banned!!!

  • They can die from not being in there natural habitat

    I think that zoos should be baned because the things are not in there natural habitat. Also they can get home sick and die .Also herambe got killed from a zoo and that was not his fault it was.The person who killed and fell ins fault so that is why i say yes

  • Zoos should not be banned!

    I disagree with this because the zoos try hard to make the animals feel like there in their natural habitat, by not using fencing and using glass, they make their habitats as big as possible and they try to keep them doing their regular routines. If animals are born in captivity the zoos try to make them adapt to what would be their natural habitat. The zoos get animal’s health insurance to help them survive diseases that could kill them. They feed the animals the same food they would hunt, or eat in the wild. The animal’s habitat has to be a certain size or it is not legal to have the zoo open. For example two monkeys would have a habitat ten metres by 10 metres

  • Zoos are saving animals

    I agree that zoos should not be shut down because they are helping endangered animals, I know a lot of people say it but its the truth, there is so much pollution that sea animals are dying and there is scientific proof about it. Only 111 dolphins are left. Companies carelessly are dumping toxins, and so much waste that our amazing animals are vanishing. If it weren't for our zoos animals would be dying one after another. Its like a purge or something and all you will be hearing on the news is, another humpback whale died, or another great white was found washed up on shore. So we need to think twice about closing zoos.

  • Zoos Are Beneficial

    I do not believe zoos should be banned. I think there is a small fraction of the population that finds fault with zoos, but in reality they provide an excellent service to the communities that they are located in. Zoos can be a fun and educational outing for children or adults. I do not believe they should banned based on a small minority finding fault with them.

  • Zoos Are GOOD

    Zoos around the world are making it so that endangered animals are safe and happy. Also zoos have rehabilitation opportunities for hurt animals. Afterwards the animals are released back into the wild, also the animals are cared for and are happy. Along with the fact of that animals have plenty of space.

  • They shouldn't be banned.

    They help endangered animals they could reproduce and they wouldn't be endangered and could live on to be non extinct. And we could keep doing that for other animals. And they provide entertainment for kids witch the kids could end up being scientist and they could help animals that they watched in the zoo.

  • Zoos have reintroduction programs

    Some zoos have reintroduction programs to stop endangered species from becoming extinct like the red kangaroo, the Asian small-clawed otter and the Malaysian orangutan. Plus zoos are an attraction for tourists and tourists money help run these programs. Zoos are also educational because when they animals in zoos, they are more inclined to help preserve their habitat. This is why zoos cannot be banned

  • Zoos shouldn't be banned

    MAny animals are on the verge of becoming extinct. Zoos have breeding programs that can help an endangered species survive. Also, zoos can make a lot of money and can help the economy. Many people believe that all zoos treat animals unfairly, but that is not true. AZA's zoos are humane. Zoos can also protect animals from poaching and hunting.

  • Zoo should be abolished

    He idea that one day all this animal will resting in Museum is real. Zoo should continuously receive support from public so they can maintain these animal well being. The very main objective of zoo presence will never go wary if they keep in mind the mutual respect that these animals need. Animal live there to be rescued and human go to zoo to get education. Not entertainment.

  • Why should zoos be banned?

    They should. One reason is that not that long ago, there was a gorilla in a zoo named Ivan. He was kidnapped from his jungle home, put in a crate and was shipped of to a zoo along with his sister, but she never made it out of the box alive. At the zoo, Ivan was treated terrible along with all the other animals. My other reason is that people only use zoos for entertainment. When I was in first grade we went on a trip to the zoo. The teachers told us that we were there to see the animals because they were NOT LOCAL ANIMALS WE WOULD SEE EVERYDAY!

  • Because I said so and that's that

    . Zoos help some animals and the ones they don't help aren't going extinct any time soon. Of course animals die in a zoo because they have to die at some point and they keep repruducing and helping them plus people get to enjoy the animals from a safe distance.

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