Socialism: More Government Control (Yes) or Worker-Owned Companies (No)?

Asked by: Grinktis
  • We need more Government Control.

    We need more government control. Simply because of this: If a team is united, It'll succeed. And if not? It would fall. Let's apply it in our own countries, If the Government has more control over, For example, All of the farms, It would be easy for them to utilize it, To improve it, To uniform it, And to make it for the benefit of the people.

    Feudalism, Slavery, These are long gone from the civilization. As for Capitalism, Yo, Capitalism is the real essence of worker-owned companies. For this would be for their own benefit because they are not the government who's purpose is to serve their country. Worker-Owned Companies would easily turn their backs against their Vision and Mission if things are getting messy and unprofitable for them.

    And this is why, We need more Government Control. If you disagree, Reply!

  • Socialism is Economic, Not Political

    Socialism is an economic system just like capitalism, Feudalism, And slavery. What the USSR did and what many people think socialism is is actually State Capitalism, Where the state owns most if not all of the companies or the distribution of wealth according to government terms. Socialism is actually when workers have say in what is produced and how they are produced, Worker-owned companies with things like worker coops, Guilds, And unions. Feudalism also had private (noble lords owning serfs) and state (king owning serfs) parts. Slavery had private parts (individuals owning slaves) and state parts (government owned slave, Like the Roman gov and the USA gov with prisoners).

  • As an anarchist.

    I believe in short-term transitionary state that would lead us towards anarchism, Because we will need to fight against parasites with military and redistribute wealth according to need. In the mean time military experts and veterans go to train local communities how to handle guns and defend themselves. After ridding off the parasites state ceases to exist and workers would invest in machines, Automation and AI to reach communism. And finally stateless, Classless, Moneyless society that would struggle getting to post-scarcity Star Trek-like galactic civilization.

  • The government just want money.

    Giving the government more control is irresponsible. Why do you think cigarettes are still legal even though they cause over 250, 000 deaths a year. Why do you think global warming is ignored. Because they world loose so much money doing the right thing. If you want to make a positive change do it yourself do not rely on the government for anything, Because they want what's best for their pockets not your life. Plus it's more beneficial to you to be a leader not a follower.

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