Socrates the father of philosophy: Should philosophy be mandatory in high school?

  • Yes, philosophy should be mandatory in high school.

    Yes, all high school students should have to learn about philosophy. Philosophy provides a basis for all other areas of study and helps students understand the origins of their society and what makes it work. While vocational training is very important, schools should not underestimate the importance of philosophy and other humanities.

  • Yes, it should be part of the core knowledge.

    Yes, philosophy should be included as part of the mandatory core knowledge courses taught in high school. Philosophy teaches people to look at the world in new, more open-minded ways. It teaches us to observe and to question ideas and systems. I feel this skill is just as important as reading, writing, and math.

  • Yes, philosophy should be mandatory in high school.

    Philosophy should be mandatory in high school because it engages the students to think on their own. Around the world high school students are required to take philosophy as it enhances their views and opens their minds. It teaches them that they have their own free will and they should be their own person.

  • YEs, it should.

    People in high school have the ablity and the higher thought processes needed to understand philosophy. They can benefit from exploring these higher thinking skills and should be required to complete an introduction to philosophy course. It would help expose them to a wide range of ideas and learn to think on thier own.

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