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Songwriter and Musician Leon Russell Dead at Age 74: Is 2016 the Saddest Year Ever for Music Fans?

  • Yes, it is.

    Indeed, the music industry has suffered mightily this year. We honor and respect all of the all-time greats who are no longer with us. Their music will live on and every time we hear them, they will surely know we haven't forgotten how they enriched so many lives here and abroad.

  • This is one fot he saddest years in regards to musical history

    Yes, I agree that this year has been the saddest years for music fans. The number of great musicians that have died this year seems to continue to rise,unfortunately. While all deaths carry importance, it would seem that some of the greats are being carried on this year. I would even go as far as tow wager that this year has seen more famous musical obituaries than any other year to date.

  • The Present seems momre impactful than the past.

    While it is true that many musicians died in 2016, it is hard to say whether this is "the saddest year ever." A lot of the musicians who died in 2016, though iconic, were older and died of cancer or old age. An argument can be made that it is more sad when an artist dies in the prime of their career, such as Kurt Cobain taking his life at the age of 27

  • Despite their passing, many iconic musicians have cemented their legacy

    Though the passing of any beloved musician is a sad event, it is also proof that their music will live on for many generations. Musicians such as Leon Russell will be remembered through their actions and their art, therefore granting them something close to immortality. 2016 has undoubtedly been a year of tragic losses, but it should also be a year of rejoicing and remembering the great musicians of this century.

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