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  • He is popular.

    Soulja Boy is a hip hop genius because he has a large following of fans. Even the supposed disagreements that he has with Chris Brown are just orchestrated in order to help his image. He is a talented artist that also has a way of carefully controlling his public image for his own benefit.

  • Yes, Soulja Boy represents the modern generation of rap music.

    With his first chart topping hit debuting in 2007, Soulja Boy became one of the first hip hop artists to start his career on the internet. He purposefully uploaded his music to filesharing sites, hoping to spread his message to the masses. This was during the dawn of paying for individual songs and albums online through services like iTunes and Napster. Soulja Boy was light years ahead of his time, realizing that the key to success was making your music as widely available as possible. Soulja Boy paved the way for independent hip hop and rap artists after him to find their success online and land at the top of the charts.

  • Souja Boy creative, but no hip hop genius

    It is an overstatement to say that Souja Boy is in any way a hip hop genius. He has found some success in the industry, but has not made a significant contribution to hip hop. He is just one of many creative artists who is finding some success in a very competitive industry.

  • Not in my opinion

    I don't think Soulja Boy is a hip hop genuis, and what does that have to do with livestreaming the phone theft? I'd say he's a successful artist, but I think there are many better examples of hip hop genuis - Chuck D, KRS One. Maybe even Jay-z, although I don't think he's a genius, but he's better than Soulja boy.

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