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  • Yes, I think so.

    The commission chair, Yasmin Sooka, said that a “steady process of ethnic cleansing” was already underway in the country, with gang rape, starvation and mass arson being used as means of killing civilians. Violence in South Sudan continues to rage and has recently spread to Yei, a major city in the southwest of the country.

  • South Sudan could quite possibly be the next Rwanda.

    The ongoing violence in South Sudan seems to be following the same path as that in Rwanda. Mass killings of innocent people in villages and specifically the violence directed toward women, are very similar in both instances. While the violence in Rwanda ended in a relatively short time, the destruction during that period was immense. South Sudan appears to be adopting the same strategy.

  • Yes, South Sudan is the next 'Rwanda.'

    Yes, South Sudan is the next 'Rwanda.' But with that being said, we must do everything we can to prevent that from happening. The tragedies in Rwanda should never be repeated, and we must act as a nation to send help. We ignored the cries for help from Rwanda, and we need to act this time.

  • YEs it is.

    The South Sudan is facing a crisis that could end up being even worse than the one in Rawanda was. It could end up being very terrible for the people of the South Sudan, and something needs to be done to help all the innocent people in the South Sudan.

  • Rewards should be banned second hand cloth

    Why should we banned the cloth when 100 poor people need if you think that Rwanda should be banned second hand cloth, if u are thinking about that don't think about that
    When I came to Rwanda I have given cloth to six poor who came my house to beginning I was so happy to give them the cloth

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