• Luck Isn't Always Required, But Typically Is.

    Success typically happens when one's profession is valued during the person's lifetime. Well, It's a roll of the dice against fate; are you born into/choose a profession at an early age which later becomes popular, Or does your chosen profession remain with low or average pay, Like many do?
    It depends on what kind of success, But, Success requires you to meet certain standards of society, Education, Etc. . Even then, You'll see others around you, Sadly struggling or failing. You were lucky, Not only because you were born without any kind of mental disorders (which aren't incredibly common, Anyways), But your brain holds the capacity to become intelligent, Or you're "naturally" smart.
    A big factor in this is personality; lots of people are positive, Keep themselves motivated, And/or have durable patience. On the contrary, Lots of people are negative, Tend to break down when they're stressed, And/or are unbearably sensitive.
    You also need to WANT success, Which is the 'motivation' part I was talking about. Motivation and the desire to be successful is the most important thing to BEING successful, But motivation is all given to you by chance. It may be influenced by your parents, Which, It's also by chance that you were born to your parents. You can get motivation from practically anything, Especially things that you love to do, But it was by chance that you even discovered those things. Sure, It may have been your independent choice to follow through with those interests, But everything boils down to chance. Chance is luck, Luck is chance, And luck, Most often, Leads to success.

  • Lucky play basic role in sucssed

    Luck is an event that falls outside one's will, Intention, Or outcome. [1] [2] [3] In different cultures, Views differ on luck. For example, The Romans believed that luck was embodied in the goddess Fortuna, And the philosopher Daniel Dennett believed that "luck is merely luck" and not a characteristic of an individual or something, And Carl Jung saw luck as a meaningful synchronization, Describing it as "meaningful coincidence. "

    Luck has many symbols in different cultures around the world, Regardless of religion, Education, And standard of living.

  • Success is achieved through your hard word not every time by luck

    Every time success is not achieved by your luck. There's your hard work also. In my opinion you should work hard for your success. But some times you get success by luck. Everything does not depends on luck every time. But some times success only depends on luck. But sometimes success depends on both your hard word and your luck. But in most of the cases luck is invisible. Luck is by chance so every time you should not depend on luck. You should work hard cause luck is by chance.

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