Suffering on Earth proves that God is not benevolent.

  • God is not Benevolent?

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  • Free Will Exists

    As long as humanity has free will, There is sin in the world. God gave us the gift of free will to choose. Some choose separation and death. Others choose truth and life. Those who love the world. Those who love who created the world. Many people blame God or ask why God would allow bad thing to happen. He allows it to happen because he gave us free to choose what path we take in life. God doesn't make someone murder, Steal, Rape someone, Etc. But if you chose to commit those crimes, The blame is on yourself for choosing to do those things. And when someone goes through a terrible event or is facing troubles in their lives, God is there alongside them, Helping them through the storms in their lives.

    Not all suffering is bad, Either. Some trials we face in life help us grow and learn to be better people. Sometimes the prideful need to be humbled, The hopeless given hope, The mourning given purpose, And so on. Our troubles can bring us closer to God.

  • That is not necessarily the case

    In the christian bible they explain why. God gave people free will and that mankind choose rebellion and disobedience. Every action has consequences, And pain and suffering into the world because of man.

    Tell me are you a bad parent because your child scraped their knee? No your child did that because they disobeyed you and ran on the slippery floor. The same as a child burning themselves with a hot pot.
    You were cooking a meal but the child in its rebellion and or ignorance touch the stove. Then the child wants to blame you for even having a burning stove in the house. Atheists want to blame God for suffering but do not understand why.

    Thou shall not murder. And in murdering a person cause pain and suffering. God told Cain not to give into sin and to be ruled by it. Cain disobeyed and he was cursed. Able was righteous but he was killed for his righteousness. But our hope is that we do not die but we sleep and wait for the final judgement and to have true justice.

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