• I think they should

    I think that dangerous selfies should be banned due to several factors:
    1. You can die from doing this.
    2. Your life matters more than your social media status.
    3. Would you rather get a good media status or die trying?
    But then again, If it is banned and some idiots still do it, Well, I guess it's their loss. Sorry, But it's true.

  • Just let them.

    At the end of the day, You will never change the fact that some people are thrill-seekers and only take dangerous selfies because of the sense of danger and adrenaline it provides. However, As addicting as it is to watch people post videos or photos of themselves doing stunts on the edge of high-rise buildings, There really is no benefit or reason to ban people from taking dangerous selfies, Because it's unlikely that someone would suddenly develop the urge to (not to mention that most people are scared of death in the first place).

    Similarly, Mountain hiking is a dangerous activity and the slightest misstep could mean the difference between you climbing up a ledge safely and falling to your own demise. If there's one thing these people have with mountaineers, It's that they willingly performed their actions, And in doing so, Also acknowledge the repercussions that could follow if things don't go according to plan. Why is it the fault of the law or government that these people want to risk death for dangerous-looking selfies despite not having a mental affliction?

  • The law shouldn't ban the person's choice.

    Whether they take dangerous selfies or not is their choice. They know it is risky to go to the top of a skyscraper, Going inside a volcano filled with magma, Or taking a selfie while sky diving, Etc, But they do that, Anyway. They can choose what they think is better for themselves.

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