Teachers do more work than students think they do.

  • Yes they do

    They sometime stay up till 12 just answering to parents emails, And posting in the grades. They don’t just sit around all day, They actually do stuff that takes them a long time. One time, My teacher stayed up till about 2 in the morning posting everybody’s grades, Which were due the next day.

  • Students work Hard!

    Students work extremely hard, I should know as i am one my self. School essentially affects the rest of our lives. It affects your abilities and further education and almost all basic life skills! Although teacher do a great ordeal, It's the children lives, They are just boosters or a verbal way of explaining. And no hate towards teacher since i love most of them just Student work harder than them.

  • Teachers don't actually teach anymore.

    All they do now is hand out an hour-long digital assignment with an article or something else to teach the material FOR THEM, Then sit on their asses and play on their phones every day. They don't even have to grade any assignments because the websites do it for them. And their excuse is always "My life is hell because I have hundreds of grades to put in! " even though it literally takes seconds to put in each grade with PowerSchool. I'm sorry, But most teachers deserve to get paid dirt. They don't do anything! Meanwhile, Students have to worry about multiple classes that grade multiple assignments a day (even though it takes a whole period to do each one because of this "common core" shit), And most of them get beaten or punished if they get anything below a B, So no wonder they're stressed the f**k out all the time, And that stress only makes them do worse, And therefore, Get beaten/punished more. F**k the school system (all of them). School should be privatized and optionalized!

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