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  • No need to

    Students already are safe enough without guns in schools that could be used by anyone. School shooters use guns to kill so more guns in schools just makes more problems because the guns can be used, Stolen, Traded, Etc. Back when students brought guns to school there were a lot less shootings because it was a different time period.

  • Others need to do that

    First we should always understand in a Society if we can we should always split the work very much. So a teacher is not a gunner or something like that. It's a vocation to be guard and another vocation to be a teacher.

    Than, I don't think that arming everybody will be good for us. We should fine social solution instead. And this will require great work.

  • I am a bit conflicted

    I do not think so. If I can't trust my teacher not to lose my homework how can I trust her not to lose or mishandle a gun? The students swipe things from her all the time. I would want a better trained staff and better security,

    The entrances in my school are guarded by just two people and the vice principle. The vice principle seems competent to have a gun but my English teacher should not have one at all.

    And they should keep tabs on the crazies because schools do not protect students.

  • No they should not

    I don't want my weak old English teacher with a. 45 that thing will blow her off her feet. Most teachers at my school would not be able to control a firearm or even know how to use it. If you want more guns in school you need more police officers in school or certain teachers that have gone through extensive training and are able to control a gun.

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