Technology has more positive consequences (yes) or negative consequences (no)

Asked by: isarica_2001
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  • Even of the positive consequences, I am against technology

    There is a lot of unemployment with the help of technology, because machines are beeing used for works that humans made before. Also robots are replacing people. Many people are having more friends with technology than in real life. Many people don't pay attention to others just because of technology. Other people reduce their BASIC needs (for example sleeping) because of seeing their technology resources. Today, many people are dependent of technology and feel that can't live without it. Today it is much easier to
    Cheating, raping or doing such serious things to people with technology. For example, on the internet false links that supposedly if you open them you will earn a million dollars or some person that you find in instagram, facebook, twitter, etc and do something bad with your photos, like cutting your body and putting your face in the Body of a mannequin or else, chat with you, become false friends of yours and plan a meeting to rape you. Fraud: A student can secretly take his cell phone and open a form that answers the whole exam. Many people pass homework to others, these are examples of cheat. I know that technology has benefits, but I think that it brings more negative consequences

  • No to technologey

    Technology may be good, but it is also bad. Many machines have failed and the result was not good many people got hurt from being test subjects and technologey should not be in our lives. Further more even if technologey did not cause injuries, it still had many people having their nose in their screens and many families bareley talked to each other in person.

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