• Tesla is the best

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  • The idea behind Tesla is a way to make a better future

    Tesla is striving to build:
    - Electric cars that are attractive in looks and performance, are safe, have a good range and are not expensive
    - A world-wide system for charging relatively fast

    Tesla is building this future very fast, but they are not there yet.
    The only way I see Tesla not surviving is if another company can do the same thing, but faster, better or cheaper.

    Attractive electric cars will survive and Tesla is doing a great job as a company

  • Yes, I think Tesla Motor's will survive.

    While the demand for a luxury electric car is a niche area at the moment I think that if Tesla continues to expand on their products and make them more widely available across all income classes then they could be a prosperous and thriving company in the upcoming decade when the world tried to move away from dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Tesla motors will survive

    Currently, Tesla is a very attractive brand, especially among younger demographics. As they grow and develop their vehicles to be cheaper, more efficient, and more diverse, their market share will grow dramatically. They are currently expanding rapidly and cities and states are clamoring for them to open a plant within their borders.

  • Tesla Motores will survive

    Tesla Motores is leading innovation in electric vehicles, which will have a dramatic impact on our environmental footprint made upon the Earth and the damage we cause to it due to our dependence on oil-base fuels for nearly everything we do in our lives. They can help show people that electric cars are worthwhile investments in our future.

  • Yes it will.

    I do believe that Tesla will survive. I think that it will survive because they take pride in their products. I also think that people like the name Tesla. It makes people think of the future and the past all at once. I think that the company will survive because of ingenuity.

  • Burning Cash, Low production

    Tesla has great ideas and visions but they need to be financially managed properly. All companies at some point need to make profits in order to stay in business, you need to produce..... Cars in order to make profits. Tesla has been in business for a long time, how much time do you a company before you throw in the towel ?

  • Tesla shows the financial strength of companies like pets.Com

    They have constantly done two things that never bode well for a company, consistently lost money and missed targets consistently. They are looked at and valued as a technology company, but the fact of the matter is, their main business is building and selling cars which is hasn't done profitably. The fact that they keep pushing model 3 production back at a time that they need the revenue is going to end up hurting their bank account. Elon keeps distracting from the obvious issues they have with their current products with new products that represent a huge investment they have to make while not demonstrating they can even be profitable.

  • Tesla will be gone by 2020

    Tesla has nothing significantly proprietary on it's cars and faces an array of upcoming electric competition from GM, Nissan and Ford in the $35,000 range.

    German luxury manufacturers will produce cars for 2017/2018 in the $75,000+ range, that will be far superior to the Tesla models.

    The company will close after going broke trying to compete with its far more deep-pocketed opponents.

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