That the government should focus more on the economy and less on the environment

  • Stable Economy first

    Without a stable economy, A country doesn't even have time to worry about the environment. In America, We are so comfortable that we are more concerned about social politics and global warming than the real problems facing our country or the world. Last time, It took a world war to wake us up and make us focus on what was truly important. Before that is was the Great Depression. It goes on and on, But the moment we get too comfortable as a nation, We start looking for problems where none exist and stir up trivial drama over the little things. A stable economy is more important than worrying about the environment. Once the economy is stable, Then we can worry about protecting the environment because we would have the stability, Resources, And funds to do something about it.

    And for those who disagree on this page; how about you actually have a valid, Legible argument instead of submitting a bunch of random text just to boost the score in your favor. You ain't fooling nobody.

  • Australia only makes up 1%

    Australia only makes up 1% of all pollution so even if you do everything you possibly could do, What would you be changing? Plus if we focus more on the economy than we can use the economy to help the environment. How do you expect the government to make big changes to the environment on a low budget. They need funds to make anything happen!

  • The nations economy should be a priority

    Without a strong economy in our country the government would not be able to focus on the environment the end result is that both the economy is in bad shape and the environment would be in bad shape
    if the economy is not taken care of the environment will not be taken care of

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